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Shredding Services in Flagtown NJ for Residents & Businesses

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On-site Shredding Services Flagtown NJ

We are ready when you are to have your sensitive documents shredded. We offer businesses and residents in Flagtown, New Jersey on-site document destruction services six days a week. We can give you a quote over the phone today and set up your appointment for tomorrow, so give us a call.

Mobile Shredding in Flagtown NJ– Watch It Happen

Our mobile units are state-of-the-art trucks with industrial-grade shredders. These powerful machines are able to destroy incredibly large amounts of paper at a time, with no need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands, open envelopes, or separate manila folders full of papers. Our truck and crew arrive, and your papers are placed in a bin on wheels that will be locked. The bin is then moved to our truck, and with the push of a button, your documents are destroyed in minutes. Watch the process on a viewing screen on the truck.

The Best Ways To Destroy Documents in Flagtown NJ

One-Time Shredding for Business Records

Our one-time shredding services are beneficial for firms that don’t need to regularly destroy business records. This service is available on an as-needed basis to destroy any amount of documents that a company has no further use for. We can destroy a few boxes of files to thousands of cartons of records. Once an appointment has been made, we arrive at any Flagtown NJ location you have documents and shred them there. Call us for a single file purge or as often as you would like.

Scheduled Security Container Service:

Regularly Scheduled Shredding Services are designed for customers who generate paper waste in the course of conducting daily business activities. In order to stay in compliance with your requirement to securely dispose of documents, we have developed our ongoing service. We supply locked collection containers that ensure your old files and papers are protected from disposal to destruction. We come to your Flagtown NJ office on an automatic schedule to remove the documents from each container and shred them. We perform all shredding on-site at your location, with our specially designed mobile shredding trucks, ensuring that nothing leaves the premises without being completely destroyed. Your recurring service can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

Residential Shredding

Our Residential Shredding Service is designed to make on-site document destruction available to individuals when they want to have it done at their homes. It is not safe to just toss documents in the trash or recycle bin where identity thieves can get access to them. One of our commercial shredders will come to your Flagtown NJ residence so you can watch all those old personal papers being shredded. Our home shredding service is available Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

Most people think simply erasing or overwriting a hard drive is enough to eliminate data stored on a hard drive, it’s not. The only way to be sure is to physically destroy the hard drive. Not doing so, you are putting your Flagtown NJ business, your clients, and yourself at risk of your confidential information being stolen. Physical hard drive destruction is the process of permanently destroying a hard drive by shredding or crushing, so it is no longer possible to access any information from it. We will destroy your hard drives and give you a certificate of destruction for your records.

Give us a call today so we can start shredding for you tomorrow.