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Paper Shredding in Hillsborough NJ for Home & Business

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On-site Document Shredding Hillsborough, NJ

We have the options for any paper shredding need with our one-time and ongoing services. We can be at your Hillsborough, New Jersey home or office tomorrow or any date Monday through Saturday to destroy your private documents. Call us today to get a quote over the phone and set up your service date.

It’s Better to See Your Documents Being Shredded

For your convenience and to offer a greater degree of security, we shred at your location. Our powerful shredding truck does not leave your home or business before your documents have been completely shredded. When our truck pulls up, our staff will place your papers in one of our plastic bins on wheels. The bin will be sealed to protect your information. It is rolled right to our truck so it can be emptied, and your files destroyed in minutes. Come to the truck and watch your documents being shredded on the truck’s monitor.

The Best Ways To Destroy Documents in Hillsborough NJ

One-Time Business Paper Shredding

We have designed our one-time purge shredding service to accommodate those businesses that want to destroy company documents on an as-needed basis. Whether you have a few file boxes, a mail room full of records, or a storage unit with old documents that need to be securely disposed of, our on-site shredder will come to where your documents are and destroy them. Call us once or anytime you decide to have files destroyed. We are available whenever you need us in Hillsborough NJ.

Scheduled Shredding Plans

Our ongoing document destruction service will make the secure disposal of company papers automatic so your employees can focus on the tasks that are better for your business and customers. The service starts with us placing locked collection containers in your office. All your staff has to do is deposit all the documents they are discarding in one of these containers. Our bins and consoles come in a number of sizes, so we have containers that will work well in your Hillsborough NJ business location. The number of containers will be based on the size of your staff and office. On a recurring schedule, we will come to your office to empty each container and destroy all the documents.

Residential Shredding – We Come To Your Home

If you want to clear your home of some of those personal papers that you have been holding on to for years and you don’t need them any longer, let us shred them for you, so you don’t have to worry about your private information getting into the hands of identity thieves. With our residential shredding service, we will come to your Hillsborough NJ home with a commercial shredder and destroy any of the documents you want to dispose of. We can be at your residence Monday through Saturday, and you will be able to watch your papers being shredded.

Hard Drive Destruction

Your computer hard drive is a storage device that holds a tremendous amount of data. When a computer is being replaced, that hard drive needs to be removed and physically destroyed so the information can never be retrieved again. We will shred or crush your hard drives at your Hillsborough NJ location and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

If you’re ready to have your documents shredded, we are ready to help, so give us a call.