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On-site Shredding Services in Clyde NJ for Home & Work

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If you need to shred documents, we can do it for you as soon as tomorrow. We are an on-site document destruction company, so all your confidential papers are shredded at your Clyde NJ home or business. To get an immediate quote and make an appointment just give us a call. We are available Monday through Saturday.

With Time Shred You Can Witness Your Documents Being Shredded

Don’t waste time-fighting traffic or having to lift heavy boxes or bags just to have your documents destroyed. We understand your need for convenient document destruction services, and we make it very cost-effective. Our mobile shredding service is available six days a week, so you can have your files destroyed when it works best for you. Your papers are moved in locked bins to our truck and destroyed right away. We invite you to our truck to watch the shredding process as it happens.

We Offer Great Document Destruction Options in Clyde NJ

One Time Shredding of Business Records

Secure One-Time Shredding is an ideal solution for Clyde NJ companies and organizations that need to periodically shred sensitive business records. This cost-effective service is secure, convenient, and available anytime your firm needs it. We will come to your office or a location where you have files and shred all of your confidential paper right there for you to witness.

Ongoing Document Destruction Programs for Offices

We make regular shredding easy for you and your staff. We start by providing free, locking collection containers that come in a variety of sizes and styles to work in any office layout. Then anytime you need to dispose of a document you do so in one of these containers. Then on a regular schedule, one of our uniformed technicians will come to your Clyde NJ office, empty the containers, and then complete the destruction of the documents on-site. This way you make document destruction automatic, and your team is freed up to concentrate on their core responsibilities. Ongoing schedules can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Residential Paper Shredding

Every year, millions of Americans’ personal information is stolen. Identity theft prevention goes beyond protecting your data online, identity thieves also rummage through trash cans and recycling bins put out to the curb looking for mistakenly discarded confidential documents. Don’t put your personal, financial, and medical information at risk by just throwing them away. Time Shred, provides residential shredding services to keep your information out of the wrong hands. We’ll come to your Clyde NJ Home to with one of our mobile shredding trucks Monday through Saturday so you can watch your personal papers being destroyed.

Hard Drive Destruction

Technology changes daily. Most people replace their computers with new technology every two to three years. If you are replacing a computer don’t forget to remove the hard drive and have it destroyed. You want to make sure you do this so all the data that is on that hard drive can’t be accessed every again. We will come to your Clyde NJ location to shred or crush your hard drives and give you a certificate of destruction for your records.

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