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Paper Shredding in Bridgewater Township NJ for Home & Work

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The safest way to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands is to shred it. Our document shredding services ensure the highest levels of security, convenience, and are available to come to your Bridgewater Township New Jersey location Monday through Saturday. Get a quote today and set up your appointment for as soon as tomorrow.

Witness Your Documents Being Shredded

With our on-site shredding service, you will actually be able to watch your papers being destroyed. We come to your Bridgewater Township NJ home or office with one of our state-of-the-art trucks that are equipped with a commercial shredder. Your files are secured in a locked bin and rolled to our truck. Your documents are completely destroyed in minutes. See the shredder in action on a view screen on the truck.

The Best Shredding Options in Brightwater Township NJ

One-Time Document Destruction for Businesses

Even if you only need help with shredding files one time, we can come to your business location in Brightwater Township NJ and shred your corporate records there. Some organizations just don’t need to destroy documents that often. Our one-time or purge service is the option that lets you shred on an as-needed basis. We can come to your office or any location you are storing files to shred them. This service is great before an office move, to reduce offsite storage costs, or just clean up your office.

Ongoing Shredding Programs for Your Office

No company ever thinks it will happen to them, but each year improper document disposal cost businesses just like yours millions of dollars in liability and/or lost productivity. Time Shred’s ongoing paper shredding services programs are cost-effective and a secure alternative. We’ll place our secure collection bins and consoles in your office in Brightwater Township NJ. Then anytime you are throwing away documents just place them in one of these locked containers. The number and type of containers will be based on the size of your office and the number of staff you have working there. Our trained staff will be at your office on a recurring schedule to remove and shred the documents. We will help you determine the right frequency whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or a custom schedule.

Residential Shredding Service – We Come To Your Home

You can’t trust just throwing your documents at home in the trash. Identity thieves know that looking in your garbage can or recycle bin is a good place to steal your information. Prevent this from happening to you by having our residential shredding service come to your home to destroy all those old papers and files you no longer need. Our professional drivers and powerful shredding truck will come to your Brightwater Township NJ home, load your documents into a secure bin and destroy them on-site and in your presence. The service is fast, convenient, and available Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

Some companies don’t destroy hard drives but instead just use erasing or reformatting software. This may leave personal information on the hard drive. We will shred or crush your hard drives at your Brightwater Township NJ completely destroying the internal platter, electronics, and storage mechanisms. Destroying your hard drives in this way will render your data completely unrecoverable. You will also receive a certificate of destruction listing each hard drive by serial number.

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