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Shredding Process

Shredding Services in Finderne NJ for Residents & Businesses

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We Shred On-site Monday to Saturday

We are ready to come to your Finderne New Jersey home or business to shred your documents. All you have to do is give us a call. We offer on-site document destruction services Monday through Saturday. Our staff is standing by to speak with you and give you a quote and set up your appointment.

You Can See Your Documents Being Shredded

We have a fleet of mobile shred trucks that go to our client’s locations and destroy their confidential papers right in front of them! You get to watch every step of the process. We can come to your home, business or any spot where your files are. Onsite shredding is convenient and more secure because your documents don’t leave your location without being destroyed. All collected materials are placed in bins that will be locked so they can be securely moved to the truck and destroyed in minutes. You will have an opportunity to see your files being destroyed at a viewing station on the truck.

We Have The Right Document Destruction Options in Finderne NJ

One-time Document Destruction for Corporate Clients

When you need to shred business records in Finderne NJ on an as-needed basis you can with our one-time purge service. We are available to handle any size project from just a few boxes of records to a warehouse full of files. We go to where your documents are to shred them. Call us for a single job or as often as you would like to have company papers shredded.

Ongoing Business Shredding Services

Our scheduled shredding is a recurring service for businesses in Finderne NJ that is automatic with a frequency according to your needs. Options include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom schedules. Taking into consideration your unique office layout and staff size, we provide the appropriate number of secure locking collection containers for your facility. Thereafter, your employees simply deposit their everyday document waste into the security containers, instead of a wastebasket. Our truck and technicians will arrive as scheduled and collect the contents of your containers and shred everything for you on our on-site.

On-site Residential Shredding

If you have personal files and documents that you need to shred, we will come to your home or storage unit and shred everything on-site while you watch. Our residential shredding service is available Monday through Saturday in Finderne NJ and to make an appointment just give us a call. Don’t make the mistake of putting any of your private papers in the trash regardless of how old they are. You would be surprised what information identity thieves can use to steal your identity. The safest course of action is to shred all the personal documents you have at home that you want to discard, and we make it so easy and convenient to have it done.

Hard Drive Destruction

Thinking of recycling your old computer? STOP!!!! Remove the hard drive first. By not doing so your confidential information could end up in the wrong hands. A hard drive can store millions of documents. Just deleting files does not remove them from the hard drive. Using software to wipe out data does not guarantee all the information is gone. The only way you can be sure is to have the hard drives physically destroyed. We will shred or crush your hard drives in Finderne NJ, remove and recycle the debris and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

We are ready to help you with your shredding project so give us a call today.