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Paper Shredding in Franklin Township NJ for Home & Work

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You have decided to shred those old documents so let us make it easy for you. Just give Time Shred a call and we will give you a telephone quote and set up your on-site document destruction appointment right away. We shred for residents and businesses in Franklin Township NJ six days a week.

On-site Shredding in Franklin Township NJ

For the ultimate in convenience, security, and peace of mind our mobile shredding truck will come to your Franklin Township New Jersey home or office to shred your documents. Your sensitive papers are moved from your location to our truck in a sealed bin, so they are protected during the entire process. At our mobile unit, the bin is emptied, and your papers shredded in minutes. We invite you to observe the entire process on an exterior viewing screen. This viewing screen lets our customers see their confidential documents being properly destroyed as it happens.

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One-time Business Shredding

Purge shredding is an ideal solution for organizations across all industries that need a one-time or periodic shredding of sensitive information. Whether you are simply clearing out a cluttered storage unit, an area in your office that is overrun with old documents or you have an entire warehouse full of boxes of business records, we have an easy way to securely dispose of them. Our one-time service is good for small and large projects in Franklin Township NJ so no matter how much you need to shred don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

We offer our scheduled container paper shredding service on an ongoing basis to companies that need to have documents destroyed regularly. We place our locked collection containers in your office for the convenient disposal of all papers. The quantity of containers will be based on the size of your office and the number of your staff. Our paper shredding services include weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom schedules where our staff arrives at your Franklin Township NJ location to empty each container and shred the deposited documents. Make secure shredding of business records automatic with our ongoing scheduled service.

Residential Shredding Services

Bank statements, credit card bills, and many other monthly expenses arrive in your mailbox every day. You even receive junk mail daily. When any of these documents are no longer needed, they should be shredded. Last year, one in every 16 Americans were the victim of identity theft. Medical bills, credit card slips, loan papers, tax documents, and even junk mail can all give identity thieves the information they need to open credit card accounts in your name, file phony tax returns, or worse, destroy your credit for years. Our residential shredding service will help prevent your information from getting into the wrong hands. We will come to your Franklin Township NJ home to destroy all the documents and files you want to get rid of Monday through Saturday.

Hard Drive Destruction

Anytime you are replacing a computer make sure you remove the hard drive and have it destroyed. Just because you stop using a computer and disconnect it does not mean it is not storing information. We will shred or crush your hard drive at your Franklin Township NJ location and give you a certificate of destruction listing each hard drive by serial number.

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