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Shredding Services in Flushing NY for Work & Home

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Flushing NY Shredding Services

When you need to shred sensitive papers you have some great options that will allow you to have them destroyed when and where you want it done in Flushing. Just give Time Shred Services a call to get a quote and to make your appointment.  We are shredding six days a week.

The Simple Steps To Shredding Your Documents

  • Our experts are available to help you by phone
  • We will help you pick the best option
  • You will receive a quote over the phone
  • Make your appointment on the same call
  • Choose the best day for you Monday to Saturday
  • We come to your Flushing location to shred

Our Great Paper Shredding Options in Flushing NY

Mobile Shredding Services

We bring secure file destruction services right to your Flushing NY home or business with our on-site option.  Our mobile units are equipped with industrial shredders that will destroy your sensitive documents at any location you tell us to come to.  It is convenient, secure, fast and you can watch your papers being destroyed. 

One-time File Purges for Business

Many Flushing NY organizations don’t need to shred records that often.  Our one-time service is the option that is available anytime you want to destroy company files.  Make an appointment for your yearly file clean-out or anytime you need to securely dispose of corporate documents.

Scheduled Office Shredding

If your company throws away documents daily in the normal course of business you need an ongoing document destruction program in place.  We have locked containers that come in various sizes to work in any office.  All your staff has to do is use them anytime they are throwing away a piece of paper.  We will be at your Flushing NY office on a regular schedule to shred any of the papers that were placed in the security containers.  Choose a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.  We can also work with you to create a custom schedule.

Residential Shredding 

All those personal papers you have at home could be used to steal your identity.  Don’t allow that to happen by shredding all those old files when you decide to dispose of them.  We’ll come to your Flushing NY residence with one of our shredding trucks so you can see us destroy your papers.  Our onsite residential shredding service is available Monday through Saturday.

Shredding Events

Shredding events are held in public locations and usually are hosted by businesses, charities, and nonprofits to give clients, potential clients and local residents access to shredding. They are usually for 2 to 8 hours.  We can help you host a shredding event in Flushing NY so give us a call.

Hard Drive Destruction

An old hard drive is storing a lot of data.  To make sure that data does not get accessed by anyone again have them destroyed.  We will shred or crush your old computer hard drives at your Flushing NY location so the information is gone for good.  

Give us a call today so we can help you with your shredding needs.