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Shredding Services in Brooklyn Heights for Home & Work

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We Make Shredding Easy in Brooklyn Heights NY

We make it easy to shred your confidential documents in Brooklyn Heights.  Just give us a call and we will be able to give you a quote and set up your appointment for the day you want Monday through Saturday.  We will come to your home or business and shred there.

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How Paper Shredding Works in Brooklyn Heights NY

We have a fleet of powerful shredding trucks that we send to our customer’s locations to destroy documents.  Our staff will place your papers in one of our bins.  The bin is a large plastic container on wheels with a locking lid.  The bin will be rolled to our truck where your files will be shredded right away.  We invite our clients to come to the truck to watch their papers being destroyed.

Here’s What Our Shredding Services Cost

If you choose our one-time service you will be charged for each 96-gallon bin that we shred with your documents.  Our bins hold about 300 pounds of paper.  The rate per bin will be based on how much paper you have to shred.  With this service, we have a one-bin minimum.  For our scheduled service, we supply you with collection containers for you to deposit papers in to be destroyed.  We charge per bin or console that we shred.  The price is based on the number of containers we provide and the frequency of service.

Our Brooklyn Heights NY Paper Shredding Services

One-time Document Shredding for Businesses

Shred when you want with our one-time purge service.  It allows Brooklyn Heights NY businesses to shred periodically when they have accumulated business records to be destroyed.  It can be at your office or wherever you store files.  Just call us when you need us.

Scheduled Shredding Programs

We will place locked collection containers in your Brooklyn Heights NY office for you to throw away all documents in.  We will come to your office on a regular schedule to empty the containers and shred the documents.  We will put together a schedule that meets your office’s specific needs.  This service makes document destruction automatic.

Residential Shredding Services

Yes, we happily provide residential shredding services.  We will come to your Brooklyn Heights NY home, apartment, or self-storage facility to shred all the personal papers and files you don’t want to keep any longer.  Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday to make it more convenient for our residential customers.

Hard Drive Destruction

Computer storage capacity is growing every year.  It is common for computers to have hard drives that store a terabyte of information.  That is more than 85,000,000 pages of documents.  When you are replacing a computer the hard drive should be removed and destroyed so the data cannot be accessed.  We can shred or crush your hard drives ay your Brooklyn Heights NY location so the information is permanently destroyed.

What Do We Do With The Shredded Paper

Our shredding service is environmentally friendly because we recycle all of the documents we destroy.  The shredded paper is pressed into large bricks so they can be loaded on a truck to be transported to paper mills.  At the mills, the shredded documents go through a process to turn them back into paper pulp so they can be used to make other paper products.

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