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Residential & Business Shredding in Chatham NJ

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Secure Document Destruction is Available in Chatham NJ Tomorrow!

With one call to Time Shred Services, you can get a quote and set up your document shredding appointment at your Chatham NJ home or business.  We are available six days a week and your papers are destroyed where and when you want it done. 

On-site Paper Shredding in Chatham NJ – How It Works 

The most secure way for you to have documents professionally shredded is to have it done at your Chatham location so you can witness it being done.  We can do this for you because we have a fleet of paper destruction trucks that allow us to bring professional shredding to our customers, wherever they are.  The commercial shredder is built into the truck.  On the date you request our truck will arrive with our helpful staff. They will put your papers into our security bins.  These bins hold about 300 pounds of paper.  Each bin with your documents is taken to our truck and is lifted, emptied, and shredded by an automated system.  You will be able to watch the process on a screen on the truck.    

The Shredding Services We Offer in Chatham NJ

Purge or One-time Shredding for Businesses

Every business has an obligation to dispose of business records in a secure manner.  The best way to do that is to have them shredded.  But what if you don’t need to shred that often?  We have the answer with our one-time service.  This is the option that lets you call to have files shredded only when you want to have it done. We will go to any Chatham NJ location where you have business records to shred.  We charge for each bin that is necessary to destroy your documents.  The rate is based on how much you have to destroy. 

Scheduled Shredding for Companies

Look in the waste baskets in your Chatham NJ office, if you see any documents in them you need our scheduled service.  We place our locked containers in your office so documents are disposed of in these secure containers instead of open trash cans.  Then we will come to your office on an ongoing basis to destroy those deposited papers.  We service businesses with one of our containers to hundreds in many locations.  We charge a rate per container when they are serviced.  There is no rental fee. 

Residential Document Shredding

Don’t just throw away your personal papers at home in a trash can or recycle bin, someone could take them and steal your identity.  Instead, have our residential shredding service come to your Chatham NJ home and destroy them so the information can’t be used by anyone ever again.  We come to your home, and you can witness your papers being shredded.  This service is available Monday through Saturday.  We charge per 96-gallon bin that we need to shred your documents.  We have a one-bin minimum. 

Hard Drive Destruction

Replacing a computer, the hard drive needs to be removed and destroyed.  Time Shred will shred or crush those hard drives at your Chatham NJ location so the data can never be accessed again.  We will also provide you with a certificate of destruction that lists each hard drive by serial number.

Shredding Near Me Chatham NJ

Trust a local company to handle the secure destruction of your sensitive papers.  Time Shred Services is a local document destruction company that has been shredding the documents of residents and businesses in Chatham NJ since 2006.

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