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Paper Shredding Services in Kinnelon NJ  973-315-1580

Paper Shredding Services in Kinnelon NJ

If you need to shred private papers at your Kinnelon NJ home or business just give Time Shred Services a call.  We can give you a quote and set up your service date for tomorrow if you need it done that quickly.  We shred for our clients at their locations Monday through Saturday.  We have our staff standing by to speak with you so give us a call.

How The Document Destruction Process Works 

Because we have a fleet of powerful paper shredding trucks the document destruction process is pretty simple.  We come to your location and our trained, uniformed staff will take all the papers you want to destroy and place them in our 96-gallon security bins.  Once loaded the bin is locked and rolled to our truck.  The trucks will lift the bin and empty all your files into the shredder, and they are destroyed.  We invite you to see the process as it happens with the onboard camera system.

Information About Our Shredding Services & Pricing

One-time Purge Shredding for Businesses

Some companies just don’t have a regular need for document destruction.  For those organizations, our one-time, purge services are ideal; especially when you are moving, reducing files in storage, or you’re trying to make more space in your office.  Make an appointment for us to come to any location you have business records you no longer need, and we can come to destroy those files quickly, efficiently, and safely. You will incur a cost for each 96-gallon bin we use to shred your papers.

Regularly Scheduled Business Shredding Services

When your company consistently generates sensitive materials and discards a percentage of them daily, a secure ongoing destruction program is the best solution. We can develop a system that securely destroys these discarded papers at regularly scheduled intervals. With a wide variety of durable security collection receptacles that we provided free of charge that stay in your office for ongoing use, our secure destruction services program will make the compliant disposal and destruction of paper records automatic without interrupting the operation of your business.  The cost for this service is based on the number of containers you need and how often they are serviced

Residential Shredding Services in Kinnelon NJ

Protecting your private information at home is critical in today’s world. On-site residential shredding is the perfect solution. You can make an appointment for our home shredding service Monday through Saturday. Every home collects bills, receipts, old tax documents, and other personal information on paper that you should have shredded before they are disposed of. When you are tired of having boxes and closets filled with this type of personal information, a mobile paper shredding service is a convenient, secure and affordable way to dispose of them.  We charge for each 96-gallon be that we shred with your documents.

Hard Drive Destruction

Erasing hard drives does not guarantee that your sensitive information is irretrievably destroyed. Reformatting hard drives is too time-consuming and degaussing hard drives has proven to be ineffective due to new disk shielding technologies. That’s why we physically destroy hard drives.  First, we record the serial number, then we shred or crush your computer hard drives.  After your hard drive is destroyed, you will be provided with a Certificate of Hard Drive Destruction. The cost for this service is a price per hard drive.

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