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Shredding Services in Woodside NY for Home or Work

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When you need to have confidential documents securely destroyed all you have to do is make one call to Time Shred Services.  We will be able to give you pricing over the phone and set up your service date for the day you prefer Monday through Saturday.

How Mobile Shredding Works in Woodside NY

We have a fleet of powerful shredding trucks that go to any Woodside NY location our clients have documents to be shredded.  It can be your home, office, or storage facility.  Your papers are placed in a security container that will be locked.  The bin will be rolled to our truck where your records will be destroyed right away.  You will be able to witness the entire process, so you know your documents have been destroyed.

Here’s What It Cost To Shred Your Documents

Our first base service is our one-time document destruction.  We charge a price per bin.  You will pay for the actual number of bins that will be necessary to destroy your papers.  A bin is a 96-gallon container that holds about 300 pounds of paper.  We have a one-bin minimum.  Our other base service is our scheduled service.  This is a recurring service that satisfies an ongoing need to destroy records.  We supply collection containers that remain in your office, so you have a protected place to dispose of documents.  We will come to your office on an ongoing basis to destroy the deposited papers.  There is no rental fee for the containers, you only pay per container when we come to shred. 

When Can I Have My Documents Shredded 

What makes Time Shred Services better than other shredding services is our ability to offer next-day service Monday through Saturday.  All you have to do is tell us what day is best for you to have your documents destroyed and we will be there.  

Our Mobile Shredding Services 

One-time Business Shredding in Woodside NY

Our one-time service is our on-demand option.  You can order on-site shredding only when you need it.  There is no frequency requirement, call us just once if that’s all you need.  It is great for an annual file purge or just eliminate old files that have been sitting around in your Woodside NY office or in storage for years longer than they needed to be.   

Ongoing Scheduled Shredding Programs for Woodside NY Offices

For many Woodside NY companies, more documents are being thrown away than they realize.  Putting them in the trash could be a violation of federal and state privacy laws.  The best policy is to have a shred all policy.  The best way to do that is with a scheduled shredding program.  We have a collection container that will fit in any office.  These containers are then used to dispose of all papers.  We will set up an automatic schedule to come to your office to empty the containers and shred the documents.

Residential Shredding in Woodside NY

If it’s time to clean the house and get rid of personal documents, you don’t need to keep then you should give us a call to use our residential shredding service.  Just throwing away documents with household trash is an invitation to have your identity stolen.  We come right to your Woodside NY home, and you will be able to watch your old tax return, medical records, and any other personal documents shredded.  This at-home service is available Monday through Saturday. 

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