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Document Destruction Services Far Rockaway NY

We can shred your documents at your Far Rockaway location on the day you want.  Just call Time Shred Services today to get a quote over the phone and make your appointment for tomorrow or any date Monday through Saturday.

The Simple Steps To Have Your Documents Shredded

  • Give us a call to speak with one of our experts to get pricing and set up an appointment.
  • Pick the date you prefer Monday through Saturday.
  • We will arrive at your Far Rockaway home or business so you can watch your files being shredded.

Our Paper Shredding Options

On-Site Document Destruction

You can’t beat the convenience and security of having your confidential papers destroyed right in front of you at your home, office or any location you have documents that need to be destroyed. We have a fleet of trucks that are equipped with powerful shredders that destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.

One-time Purges of Business Records

When shredding is not a regular occurrence for your company our one-time service is the answer.  This option lets you call to have business records shredded only when you want it done.  Call us for a single event or as often as you would like.  We are available anytime you need us.

Scheduled Shredding Programs

Some businesses routinely throw away documents.  Just putting them in the trash is a mistake and could lead to a data breach.  To prevent that start an ongoing shredding program.  With this service, we provide collection containers that stay in your office so now you are disposing of papers in one of these locked containers where they will be secure.  We will set up a recurring schedule to come to your office so we can empty the containers and shred the documents.

Residential Shredding in Far Rockaway New York

Think of all the personal documents and files you have at home.  At some point, you are not going to need them anymore.  When that time comes give us a call to use our residential shredding service.  We will send one of our industrial shredders to your home and destroy all those old medical records, bank statements, tax returns, and any other personal papers you are ready to do away with.  The service is available Monday through Saturday,

Our Shredding Service is GREEN

When you protect your confidential information with our document destruction service you are also helping to protect the environment.  All of the paper we shred is recycled.  It will never end up in a landfill.  The shredded material is sent to paper mills so it can be turned into paper pulp and then used to make other paper products.

Hard Drive Destruction

You should have the hard drives removed and destroyed from all those old computers no longer being used.  They are still storing information.  We will shred or crush the hard drives so the data is permanently destroyed and give you a Certificate of Destruction.

Give us a call today to get started.