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Shredding Services in Denville NJ for Home & Work


Shredding Services in Denville NJ as soon as Tomorrow

Everyone in Denville NJ needs document shredding services at some point is just a matter of when and how often.  When it’s that time for you call Time Shred Services.  If you call us today, we can give you a quote and set up your document destruction appointment right away.  We offer the residents and businesses of Denville next-day service Monday through Saturday.

How On-site Shredding Services Works in Denville NJ

After you make your appointment, we will send one of our industrial paper destruction trucks right to your Denville NJ home or place of business.  Our staff will do all the heavy lifting for you with placing your documents into one of our 96-gallon security bins.  Once your papers are inside the bin it will be locked and moved to our truck.  The truck’s document destruction system will lift the bin and empty it into the shredder and all of your papers and files are destroyed.  Everything happens as you look on so you know it’s done. 

Our Shredding Options in Denville NJ & The Cost    

One-time Purge Shredding for Companies & Organizations

If it’s time to do a file clean-out in your Denville NJ office or storage facility our one-time service is what you are looking for.  This is the option for firms that don’t need to shred files that often.  Just call us anytime you want to have documents shredded. We will shred at any location you have files to be destroyed.  The cost of the service is a price per 96-gallon bin.  The rate will be based on how much you have to shred so the more you have to destroy the lower the price per bin.  

Ongoing Scheduled Shredding for Your Office

Privacy regulations require businesses to securely dispose of documents.  That means they should be shredded.  To do that on an ongoing basis you want to use our scheduled service.  We supply your Denville NJ office with our locked collection containers.  These containers will safely store all the documents you are disposing of until they are destroyed.  You just deposit papers in one of these containers and we come on a regular schedule to remove and shred them. The cost for this service is a price per collection container we shred.  That rate will be based on how many containers you need and how often they are serviced.   

Residential Document Shredding

Are confidential documents piling up in your Denville NJ home, like old tax papers, medical records, and monthly statements? Are you tired of fussing with your small shredding machine? It’s not only corporations that require secure document destruction—residents also need a reliable way to destroy their personal and business files to prevent identity theft and ensure information privacy. Our residential shredding service will come to your home Monday through Saturday, and you will be able to watch us shred all those personal papers you don’t want any longer.  The cost of this service is a price per 96-gallon bin.  Our bins hold about 300 pounds of paper. We have a one-bin minimum.

Hard Drive Destruction

If you have an old computer you are not using anymore, the hard drive needs to be removed and destroyed.  Time Shred will shred or crush those hard drives at your Denville NJ location so the data can never be accessed again.  We will also provide you with a certificate of destruction that lists each hard drive by serial number.

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