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Shredding Services in Jefferson Township NJ

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Shredding Services in Jefferson Township NJ for Home & Work


A Local Document Destruction Service That Comes To You on the Date You Want

When you need to shred confidential documents have it done at your Jefferson Township home or place of business with Time Shred Services.  We come to your location, and you will be able to watch your papers being professionally destroyed.  Just give us a call and we can give you a quote and set up your document destruction service for the date you want.  We offer nest-day service Monday through Saturday.

How On-site Paper Shredding Works in Jefferson Township NJ

One of our mobile paper shredding trucks will actually come out to your Jefferson Township NJ home or company to destroy your private papers. Our paper destruction trucks are equipped with powerful cutting blades, bin lifters, and curbside controls for quick destruction of your documents.  Our uniformed staff will empty your documents into our 96-gallon security bins.  The bins are then locked and taken to our truck so your papers can be shredded. An onboard camera system will allow you to the shredder in action.

Our Shredding Services in Jefferson Township NJ

One-time Business Shredding & Services On-Demand

If your organization does not have a regular requirement for secure information destruction, our one-time, purge services are ideal; especially when you are moving, cleaning, or simply trying to make more space at the office.  Just call us when you need us to set up an appointment and we can come to any Jefferson Township NJ location you need business records destroyed.  The cost of this service is a rate per 96-gallon bin used to destroy your files.  That rate is based on how much you have to shred.

Ongoing Shredding Programs for your Office

If your business generates large amounts of confidential and sensitive information every day you are probably throwing away some of those documents daily. If this sounds like your company, you need our scheduled paper shredding service.  With this service, we provide our locked collection containers to help you and your staff dispose of confidential documents in the convenience of your own office.  Then we come to your Jefferson Township NJ business location on a regular schedule to empty the containers and destroy the deposited papers.  The cost for this service is a price per collection container we service.       

Residential Shredding Services 

In addition to serving business customers, Time Shred also offers on-site residential shredding and destruction services. Our trained and background-screened professionals come to your Jefferson Township NJ home collect and destroy your personal documents right in front of you, so you know it’s done.  You won’t find a more convenient, secure, and reliable solution for protecting you and your family from identity theft and information-based fraud. Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday.  You will be charged a price for each 96-gallon bin we use to destroy your documents.

Hard Drive Destruction

We can also destroy your old computer hard drives.  To make sure that the information on those old hard drives can’t be retrieved we will shred or crush your hard drives at your Jefferson Township NJ location.  This is the best way to make sure that data is gone for good.  You will be charged a price per hard drive.

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