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You Pick the Day for Your On-Site Document Destruction Service

We are available to service your shredding needs Monday through Saturday. With our next-day service, you can choose a date to have your papers destroyed when it fits best into your schedule. So if you give us a call today you could have your files destroyed as soon as tomorrow.

Let’s Make Your On-Site Paper Shredding Appointment

You need document shredding so what is the next step? It’s easy, make one call to Time Shred Services. Our helpful staff is standing by to talk with you and help you choose the right document destruction service for your situation. We will also give you a very fair quote with no hidden or extra charges and you can set up your appointment on the same call. It is that simple and all it takes is just one telephone call.

Mobile Shredding for Convenience & Security

We are a mobile service that has a fleet of the most advanced and powerful paper shredding trucks available in the industry. We will come to your Scarsdale NY home or office and we will destroy your confidential files there. Onsite document destruction is the most secure and convenient way for you to securely destroy your personal and business records because it happens at your location and you can witness the entire process.

We Offer The Best Document Destruction Options

One-time File Purges & Business Shredding

When a company needs to destroy company files occasionally you can choose our one-time service. It is professional document destruction only when you call for it. We service and frequency even if it is just once. So if your office is overrun with old files or if it is time for a file purge at your storage facility just give us a call and when are available when you need us.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

If your business is disposing of documents on a regular basis you need an ongoing document destruction service. Here is how it works. We will outfit your office with secure containers to dispose of business records in. We will provide you with the quantity necessary for it to be easy for every employee to use. Then we will come to your office on an ongoing schedule to empty and destroy the contents of each security container. We offer weekly, biweekly, every four weeks, or monthly scheduling options.

Residential Shredding in Scarsdale NY

Where do you keep all your personal information, at home? Your private data is on more documents than you realize. Even junk mail can contain enough information for an identity thief to use to create phony accounts and gain access to your accounts. Shredding all your paper records ensures that that information will no longer be available to anyone. Our residential document destruction service will come to your Scarsdale NY home to destroy all your private papers. We service our individual customers Monday through Saturday so it is easy to pick a convenient day that works best for you.

Hard Drive Destruction

A single hard drive can store an incredible amount of information. When any computer is being decommissioned or replaced the hard drive needs to be removed and destroyed so the information is gone for good. Our onsite hard drive destruction service will physically destroy your hard drives so any of the data will be permanently destroyed.

We are looking forward to assisting you with your document shredding needs so give us a call today.