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Document Shredding Services in Bridgehampton, NY (631) 594-4023

Our On-site Shredding Service Is Available When You Want It!

We’re not kidding we offer next-day document destruction Monday through Saturday to the residents and businesses of Bridgehampton NY.  We offer options for any frequency and volume of paper to be destroyed with our one-time and ongoing services.  Call us today so you can start shredding tomorrow.

We Work Hard To Earn Your Shredding Business, Here’s How

  • One Call Gets You A Quote & Appointment –  Our helpful staff answers all the calls into our office because we know you want to get your confidential records destroyed right away.  We will help you pick a service and give you a quote you can trust on the same call.  You will also be able to make your appointment for any day you want Monday through Saturday and it could be as soon as tomorrow.
  • We Shred Six Days A Week –  There are not many service companies that ask what is the best day for you to have your service performed.  At Time Shred we let you pick the day for your service.  We are available Monday to Saturday.
  • On-site Shredding Let’s You See Your Documents Being Destroyed –  We are a mobile service.  What that means is we have a fleet of powerful paper destruction trucks that go to our customer’s locations to shred their confidential files.  All of our trucks have a viewing station on the side that will let you see your papers going through the shredder.
  • Well Trained Trust Worthy Staff –  All of our staff are well trained to make the shredding experience a positive one for our clients so they will use us again and recommend us to others.  In addition, all of our employees must go through annual background checks and drug testing and must sign confidentiality agreements.  We want our customers to be comfortable with who they are turning their documents over too.
  • Shredding Is Environmentally Friendly –  Every time you shred documents you are helping the environment.  All the paper we shred gets recycled.  It is sent to paper mills that turn it back into paper pulp so it can be used to make other paper products.  17 trees are saved with every ton of shredded documents we recycle.
  • Certificate of Destruction.  Our office will send you a certificate of destruction that will document that your confidential files have been shredded in a secure and compliant manner.

We Offer Great Document Destruction Choices 

One-time Shredding & File Purges for Businesses

Our one-time service is document destruction on-demand.  When you need to make room in your file cabinets or you need to reduce the business records you have at a storage facility then our one-time shredding service is what you are looking for.  This option is for any size project or frequency.  So if you have one box or thousands of boxes of company files to shred give Time Shred a call, we are happy to take care of your shredding needs anytime you need us.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

For an ongoing need to destroy company records we make it easy with our scheduled service.  We supply our locked containers that stay in your office so anytime you need to dispose of a document you put it right in one of the locked containers.   Then like clockwork, we come to your office to remove any of the papers that have been deposited in the containers and shred them.  You can have a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks, or monthly shredding schedule.

Residential Shredding in Bridgehampton NY

Even though you don’t need to keep some of those personal files you have at home doesn’t mean you can just throw them in the garbage where someone may have access to them and steal your identity.  Let our residential shredding service come to your home and permanently destroy them so the information is gone for good.  We will send one of our commercial shredding trucks to your apartment or house and destroy those old records in front of you.  It is fast, convenient and you know that it is done right.  Our at-home service is available Monday to Saturday.

Call us today and you could be shredding tomorrow!