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Time Shred Services Solves Brookhaven’s Document Shredding Problems

Brookhaven’s commercial and residential document shredding problems are a thing of the past with Time Shred Services! Paper shredding is easy with Time Shred Services because all you have to do is give us a call.  One call to Time Shred allows you start shredding as soon as tomorrow.

We understand just how important proper document destruction is for an individual or a business in Brookhaven when it is time to dispose of documents that are no longer needed. After all, your personal information is your identity, and any client information you’ve gathered or documented is a bond of trust that shouldn’t be broken, even accidentally.  Not to mention privacy laws require you to safeguard the information.

Brookhaven’s Residential and Commercial Shredding Has Never Been More Secure

We are an AAA-Certified document shredding service for all of Brookhaven. That means our company provides shredding services that exceed the highest standards for security and professionalism in the document destruction industry.  From commercial to residential shredding jobs, you’ll be astounded at our efficiency and discretion as we handle all of your paper shredding needs.

We Do All the Work

When our shredding technicians arrive at your door, they will load your sensitive and private documents into our shredding bins under your direction and the bin will then be locked.   The shredding bin is then taken to the paper shredding truck where it is lifted by a mechanical system into the truck and emptied into the industrial shredder.  Your documents are completely shredded and the on-truck camera system will allow you to watch the shredding as it happens.  This saves you time, money, and stress and keeps your private information secure because they are completely shredded onsite at your Brookhaven location.

A Flexible Monday-Saturday Schedule to Suit Your Needs

We offer one-time and regularly scheduled shredding appointments, and we’ll work with you to provide same-day or next-day appointments depending upon your needs. This is just one of the ways we strive to serve you and make document shredding more convenient!

One-time Shredding or Ongoing Scheduled Shredding

You may need onetime shredding, scheduled shredding or a combination of the two.

One-time shredding is for customers that have a less frequent need for document shredding.  If your office has stacks of files sitting in offices or storage rooms and you don’t need them anymore in the operation of your business then just give us a call to have them shredded and free up that space.  Residents of Brookhaven may need to get rid of files they have held onto for too many years or your closets and attic are busting at the seams so you need to make room.  Our onetime shredding services is the way to go.

Ongoing schedule shredding is when you need to securely dispose of documents on a regular basis.  We provide locking shredding containers to be used by your staff to store the documents in between shredding appointments.  We offer shredding schedules such as weekly, monthly and everything in between.   We work with you to help you determine the paper shredding schedule that works for you.

What Should Be Shredded

Don’t take any chances shred every document before they are disposed of.  You can never be sure what information an identity thief can use to their benefit and your detriment.  Information from the simplest things like a label could lead to problems in the wrong hands.

Contact Us Today for Outstanding Shredding Services

Call us today at (631)676-8367 to speak to one of our professional shredding professionals.  We will provide you with a convenient quote and help you set up an appointment on the spot!