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Shredding Services in Calverton NY for Home & Business

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We Will Shred at Your Calverton NY Location Monday through Saturday

Get Information, A Quote, and An Appointment for Your Shredding Service with Just One Call! We make it easy and convenient for you to destroy your confidential papers in Calverton, NY when you are ready. Just give Time Shred a call and we can provide you with a quote and schedule your document destruction service for the date you choose. We are available to come to your home or office Monday through Saturday.

Order Your On-site Shredding Service

We help you through the entire ordering process.  First, we will explain the different types of services we offer and we will help you choose the service that meets your needs.  Then we will give you pricing for the service you selected.  Our pricing is very simple and straightforward and it won’t have any hidden costs or surcharges we give you everything upfront.  The final step is for you to tell us what date you would like us to come to your Calverton NY location to shred your documents.  We work six days a week so you can pick any day Monday through Saturday.

Where Do We Shred? At Your Calverton NY Home or Office!

All of your documents are destroyed at your location by one of our industrial paper shredding trucks.  When we arrive on the date you requested all of your files will be placed into a security bin by one of our trained staff members and locked.  The bin is locked so your information is always protected during the entire process.  The filled bin can hold 300 pounds of documents.  The bin will then be rolled to our trucks and it will be lifted and tipped so the documents can fall into the shredder and destroyed.  Each truck is equipped with a camera system that allows you to see your papers going through the sharp blades on a screen on the side of the truck.  Onsite shredding offers you the greatest level of security and convenience compared to any other shredding option because you can witness everything.

The Best Document Destruction Solutions in Calverton NY

One-time Business Shredding & File Purges

You may not need to destroy business records often or maybe you need to do it just once in a while you can with our one-time purge options.  All you have to do is call us anytime you decide you want to securely dispose of company files and we can be to you the very next day in Calverton NY.  You get the same great onsite document destruction service whenever you call and we look forward to any time you need us in the future

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

Think of all the copy paper you buy for your office it’s being used in many different ways to create and copy many different types of documents.  A good percentage of documents created every day get disposed of that day and they should never be put into the trash because it is not a secure way to discard files and it is a violation of privacy laws.  The best thing to do is to implement an ongoing shredding program.  We outfit your office with our locked bins and consoles.  They are placed in locations in your Calverton NY office so all of your staff will be able to deposit papers in them.  From then on you will place all papers in the locked containers instead of any other receptacles.    Our service team will come to your company’s location on a repeating schedule to empty and destroy the files that were placed in them for shredding.  You can have a weekly. bi-weekly. every four weeks or monthly schedule.

Residential On-site Shredding

Yes, we will come to your home to destroy your personal papers.  Our residential shredding service is an easy and convenient way for you to securely eliminate all those old private files you don’t need anymore.  One of our powerful shredding trucks will come to your Calverton NY residence any day you want Monday through Saturday and destroy your documents and you will be able to witness it as it is being performed.  So there is no reason for you to take those heavy boxes or garbage bags full of your private papers anywhere because we will come to you and do all the heavy lifting for you.

Shredding Is Good For The Environment

Shredded Paper is Recycled. Many people ask us what happens with the paper after their files have been destroyed.  Every single piece of paper we shred is sent to paper recyclers that turn the shredded paper back into paper pulp so it can be used to make many other paper products like paper towels.  Every ton of paper that is shredded and recycled saves 17 trees.

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