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Residential & Business Shredding Services in Dix Hills NY

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On-Site Shredding Appointments Six Days a Week

When you need to shred documents at home or in the office in Dix Hills NY why not have it done where and when you want it done. We offer appointments as soon as tomorrow Monday through Saturday. Give us a call to book the service date you want today.

Give Us A Call & Speak To a Shredding Expert Today

Our shredding experts are experienced professionals who will explain the document destruction options available to you. After you have made a decision they will give you pricing that is very reasonable and we never have any extra fees or surcharges. If you are ready you will also be able to book your service date for any day you want Monday to Saturday in Dix Hills NY’.

All the Shredding Happens at Your Dix Hills NY Location

You will be able to see your documents being destroyed because we will complete the process at your Dix Hills NY residence or business with one of our industrial paper destruction trucks. Our on-site units will turn 6,000 pounds of paper into tiny unreadable particles in an hour. The option is very secure because your files go from your property to our truck in a sealed bin and they are destroyed when they get to our truck.

Our On-site Document Destruction Services in Dix Hills NY

One-time Business File Shredding

When you need to destroy company records once in awhile our one-time service is a great option. With this service, you can order the shredding of files only when you would like to have it done. We can come to your office or any Dix Hills NY location you request and destroy your papers there just once or as often as you would like.

Ongoing Scheduled Shredding

In most companies, paper usage is still growing. If this sounds like your firm you have to make sure that documents are being disposed of in a secure manner to be compliant with Federal and State regulations. Our ongoing service makes it easy to be compliant. All you need to do is discard documents and files in the locked containers we provide. They remain in your office for continual use. We will arrive at your Dix Hills NY office on a recurring basis to empty the containers and shred the documents. Your scheduled service can be any frequency from daily to monthly. If you need a custom schedule let us know.

Residential Document Shredding

The concerns of having your identity stolen include the personal documents you have at home like tax papers, monthly billing statements, medical records, and even junk mail. When they are no longer needed just tossing them in a garbage can or in a recycle bin can spell disaster. Identity thieves know that is a good place to look. Let’s eliminate that concern by having all those old papers destroyed at your Dix Hills NY home with our residential shredding service. We will come to your house or apartment with one of our commercial shredders at you will be able to watch your files being destroyed. This service is available Monday to Saturday.

Give us a call so we can start shredding for you right away.