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Residential & Business Paper Shredding in East Setauket NY

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Next-day shredding appointments are available six days a week!

Our focus is on you and making the secure destruction of your confidential papers easy.  We offer the businesses and residents of East Setauket NY with onetime and ongoing shredding options that can be customized around the specific needs of each customer.  Let’s show you how simple we make the document shredding process, give us a call.

When It Comes To Shredding We’re Ahead Of The Competition Here’s Why

Even if you’ve never used a professional paper shredding service before, hiring Time Shred is a simple process. Here’s what you can expect with secure onsite paper shredding with us:

  • One Call For Quotes & Appointments –  We have a great team of customer service staff that actually answer every call into our office, not some computer.  They enjoy explaining our different service options and assisting our customers with helping them pick the right service for them.  On the same call, we will give you a very reasonable quote that provides all the costs upfront so you won’t be hit with any last-minute extra fees or surcharges.   The only thing left for you to do is tell us what day you would like your appointment.  We offer next-day service Monday through Saturday.
  • See Your Papers Shredded At Your Location –  It’s just more comforting to see your private records destroyed than have them carted away to be shredded at some facility you never see or know if and when your papers have been destroyed.  We have a fleet of trucks with the most advanced paper destruction technology available in our industry.  They are so powerful that they can shred 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.  At your East Setauket NY location, we transfer your documents into our security bins.  The bins will be locked and moved right away to our truck sitting outside.  The truck’s shredding system will lift the bin and empty it into the shredder and your files will be destroyed.  One more added level of comfort for our clients is the viewing screen on the side of the truck that will let you see your papers being destroyed as it happens.
  • AAA Certified Shredding Meets A Higher Standard –  We are a NAID AAA Certified company.  NAID is The National Association of Information Destruction which sets the standards for the document shredding industry that the Federal Government relies on to create privacy laws.  To be AAA Certified we had to exceed the highest standards in the industry and pass an initial comprehensive audit and ongoing annual and surprise audits.  Our staff must be background checked and drug-screened annually.  When we shred your documents it is being done at the highest level of security and professionalism.
  • Zero Environmental Impact –  When we shred your documents we are not creating waste we are creating a raw material that can be 100% recycled.  None of the papers we destroy ever end up in a landfill because it is recycled and used to make other paper products.  Every ton of shredded documents we recycle saves 17 trees.
  • Certificate of Destruction Are Provided –  You are required to keep a record of what you destroy and our Certificate of Destruction does just that.  After your service, our office will send you a certificate of destruction that will evidence that your documents have been properly and securely shredded in accordance with NAID standards.

Here Are Our Great Document Destruction Services in East Setauket NY

One-time Purge Shredding for Businesses

If your company does not have to shred business records often you can still have our onsite document destruction service come to your East Northport NY office or any location you store records and shred your company files with our one-time service.  It is the one-time shredding option that lets you order service only when you decide you need it.  It could be once or occasionally whenever you want to have files destroyed.

Scheduled Ongoing Office Shredding

When you are finished with a document at work you can’t just toss it in a wastebasket.  Privacy laws require that you have a secure disposal program in place to make sure any papers containing private information are properly destroyed when they are no longer needed.  Our scheduled service is an easy way for you to implement an ongoing program.  We will supply and place our locked bins and consoles in your East Setauket NY offices so all documents can be disposed of in secure containers.  We will send our trained staff to your business location on an automatic schedule to remove all the documents from our locked containers and shred them.  You can pick a schedule that is weekly, b-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly.

Mobile Residential Shredding

I know it’s easy to just throw old personal papers in the garbage but it’s not a good idea.  A big cause of identity theft is by making such a mistake.  Let our residential shredding service come to your home so you know your private documents have been destroyed so your information can’t be stolen.  We will send one of our commercial paper destruction trucks to your house or apartment and you will be able to witness your files being shredded.  Our document destruction service that comes right to your East Setauket NY home is available Monday to Saturday.

Give us a call today so we can start shredding for you tomorrow.