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Confidential On-site Paper Shredding in Farmingville NY

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Simple Solutions for All Your Document Destruction Needs in Farmingville, NY.

We shred at your residence or business six days a week.

Time Shred Services is a locally owned and operated document shredding company. We have been helping thousands of Long Island residents and businesses protect their private information since 2006. To have one of our paper shredding trucks come to your Farmingville NY location just give us a call to make your appointment for as soon as you need it.

We Make Ordering Shredding Services Easy

  • You Make One Call For A Quote And Appointment – If you call a company the least they can do is pick up the phone instead of some recording.  When you give us a call one of our helpful staff will pick up the phone and you will be able to speak with them about your service.  We’ll help you choose the best option for you and give you a quote.  You’ll also be able to set up your appointment for any date you want Monday through Saturday.
  • Make An Appointment For When It Fits Into Your Schedule –  When you book your appointment you can rest assured we will arrive on the day you choose. We offer next-day shredding Monday through Saturday so we can accommodate just about any scheduling requirement for our customers.
  • See The Destruction Of Your Files With On-site Shredding –  You’ll never question if and when your records have been destroyed because we come to your Farmingville NY home or business to shred in front of you. We have a fleet of fast and efficient paper shredding trucks that allows us to destroy your documents at your Farmingville location.
  • Shredding Is Good For The Environment –  The great thing about shredding is everything we shred gets recycled.  We send all the documents we destroy to recyclers that turn the shredded paper back into paper pulp.  The pulp is then analyzed so they can determine what paper products it can be used for.  Every ton of paper that is shredded and recycled saves 17 trees.
  • Certificate of Destruction –  After your documents have been shredded, our office will send you a certificate of destruction that will document that your confidential papers have been securely destroyed.

Our On-site Paper Shredding Options in Farmingville NY

One-time File Destruction for Businesses

One-time shredding is a perfect choice if you have a periodic need to destroy business records. This service provides you with a way to dispose of sensitive documents anytime you decide you would like to eliminate them.  Your project could be as simple as disposing of a box full of files or a warehouse filled with records. Whether it is in file cabinets, boxes, bags, or piles we are more than happy to come to your business location in Farmingville NY to take care of your shredding project.

Scheduled Shredding Programs for Your Office

Ongoing shredding services are affordable and secure for companies and organizations in all industries to safely dispose of business records.  It is convenient because all you have to do is discard all papers in the locked collection containers that we provide and you keep them in your office.  You don’t have to worry about calling us to schedule your appointment we will automatically come to your Farmingville NY office on a recurring schedule.   We can come weekly, every two weeks, monthly or on-call to shred your paper.  If your needs change at any time we can adjust your schedule.

Residential Paper Shredding Services

When it comes to residential shredding, what sets us apart from other companies is the fact that we come to your Farmingville NY home any day you want Monday through Saturday and you can witness your personal papers being shredded.  Never put any of the documents you have at home in the garbage that’s where identity thieves look to steal your private information.  Play it safe and have them destroyed by our mobile home service.

We are ready to help you with your document shredding project all you have to do is give us a call.