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Shredding Services in Huntington, NY

Take the guesswork out of having your documents securely shredded in Huntington NY by making one call to Time Shred Services.  Helpful staff is waiting to assist you from your first call to the completion of your paper shredding project.  One call to Time Shred Services is all it takes to having your documents shredded as soon as tomorrow.

Huntington Knows Document Shredding Needs Are Easily Handled by Time Shred Services

If you’re like most people, you have dozens of documents in your home or mountains of documents at your business that are filled with personal information like social security numbers, credit card information, and birth dates. Most people, however, don’t realize what a liability these documents can be. When papers like these are no longer needed, people often throw them in the trash, which poses a risk of identity theft and security breaches.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid this trouble by hiring a professional shredding company to dispose of your sensitive documents. Time Shred offers high-quality document destruction services to help you keep your private information more secure. Here’s what you need to know about our shredding offerings:

The Benefits of Hiring Time Shred

When you hire Time Shred Services, you get much more than just a reputable shredding company. You also get all of these unique benefits:

  • Next Day Shredding: Time Shred Services offers next day shredding Monday through Saturday. So you can call us today to schedule your shredding service for tomorrow.
  • On-site Shredding: We come to your Huntington Location to shred your documents. No other option is more secure than have your documents shredded at your location right in front of you.
  • AAA-Certified Company: Our AAA Certification sets us apart from other shredding companies in the area. We maintain the highest standards for security and efficiency in the industry, and we’re committed to keeping it that way.
  • Friendly Staff: Even if you’ve never hired a document shredding company before, our friendly staff will take all the time needed to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide the best possible paper shredding service for you.
  • High-Tech Trucks: At Time Shred, each of our paper shredding trucks is capable of shredding 6,000 lbs. of paper each hour. Can you imagine trying to do that on a personal shredding machine? You can save time, money, and stress by hiring us!

Document Shredding Options

One-time or Purge Shredding:  For those single or occasional document shredding needs Time Shred offers our onetime purge paper shredding service.  It is having your documents securely shredded only when you need it.

Scheduled or Ongoing Shredding:  When you need to safely dispose of documents on a regular basis we offer our Schedule Shredding Service.  It is shredding on a routine schedule such as weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.  Shredding containers are provided to you at no cost to place the documents for destruction in and then we come on the schedule you choose to shred your documents.

Big or Small we Shred Them All

No shredding job is too small or too large.  We shred one box to an office full of documents.  Our extensive resources allows us to be flexible to meet the individual needs of each customer regardless of the size of the document shredding job.

If you need quality Huntington paper shredding services, give us a call at (631)676-8367. We’ll give you a quote over the phone and schedule your appointment immediately!