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We appreciate your considering our company for your shredding needs.  To show our appreciation we are going to make it so easy for you to choose a service, get a quote and make an appointment so you will use us again in the future and recommend us to others.

Immediate Quotes And Appointments When You Want

We really focus on making every aspect of having your confidential records shredded easy.  Our experienced staff answers every phone call to our office so our clients never have to wait and they can speak with someone right away.  We will discuss the different options we offer and we will help you choose a service.  During the same call, we will give you a quote for your document destruction job that is reasonable and provides all the costs in advance.  The final step is to book your appointment for the day you want Monday through Saturday.  It’s all taken care of with just one telephone call.

No Need To Worry We Shred At Your Location

You never have to worry when and how your private records are being shredded because you will be able to witness it being done with our onsite service.  We will send one of our commercial paper destruction trucks to the location of your choice to destroy your files right in front of you.  The first we do after we arrive is to transfer your documents into our bins.  Each bin holds 300 pounds of paper and they will be locked to secure your information.  The bins are then moved to our truck and the mechanical bin lifter raises the bin and empties your documents into the shredder and they are destroyed.  For an added worry free service we have viewing screens on the side of the truck that will let you see your papers going through the shredding blades.

We’ll Help Your Business Get Rid Of Those Old Files

One-time Purge Service – It’s not quantity it’s security that is important when it comes to securely destroying your company files.   Our onetime service is for companies that have an infrequent need, to destroy business records.  It is available as little or as often as you need it.   All you have to do is make an appointment whenever you decide you would like to have haves files shredded and we’ll be there.

Scheduled Shredding – Privacy laws require that businesses be responsible for protecting the private information they work with every day.  So how do you do that without affecting the productivity of your staff?  The answer is our scheduled service.  We make it easy because all you have to do is discard any paper records in the locked security containers we provide that you keep in your office for ongoing use. Then on a regular schedule, we come to your business location to unlock and empty each container then shred the papers that have been removed.  Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks or monthly.

Our Residential Shredding Service Is Available Monday Through Saturday

Our residential shredding service is convenient because all the destruction of your personal papers takes place at your home and it is available to you any day you want six days a week.  We will send one of our industrial paper destruction trucks to your house or apartment and destroy all your old files right in front of you.  We’ll do all the work as you look on, and it’s available as soon as tomorrow if you need it.

On-site Hard Drive Destruction

In addition to document shredding, we also destroy hard drives.  Every hard drive stores a tremendous amount of personal information and just hitting the delete button is not enough.  Just because you can’t see it does not mean the information is still not on the hard drive.  Identity thieves know how to access that information and the only real way to protect yourself is to have the hard drive physically destroyed.  We will come to your location record the serial number, destroy the hard drive, and give you a certificate of destruction listing every hard drive we destroy.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you with your document shredding needs so please give us a call today.