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On-Site Shredding Services in Lindenhurst, NY

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On-site Shredding When You Prefer It

Would you like to have your documents shredded tomorrow at your Lindenhurst NY home or business? Would you like to pick a day that is best for your schedule? With Time Shred Services you can. We offer next-day shredding services Monday through Saturday. We offer onetime and ongoing document destruction programs.

Fast Quotes & On-site Appointments Monday to Saturday

To talk to one of our experienced staff and make an appointment give us a call. We will be happy to go over our different services and help you pick one that works best for you.  We also give you a quote on the same call and book your appointment for the day you want Monday to Saturday

See Your Documents Destroyed With Mobile Shredding

Our customers just feel more comfortable knowing their confidential records are destroyed at their location in Lindenhurst NY and you will also.  We can do this because we have a fleet of industrial paper destruction trucks that destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.  They come to your location and you get to witness your paper being destroyed.  The process is very simple, we transfer your records into our bins.  Each bin holds 300 pounds of paper and they are locked after being filled.   The sealed bin is then taken directly to our truck and the documents are destroyed.  You can watch your papers going through the cutting blades at a viewing station on the side of the truck.

The Best Docuemnt Destruction Options

One-time Business Shredding 

Having the flexibility to shred when your company wants to is what our one-time service offers.  We are available anytime you need us.  Call us once for a long-overdue file purge or call un intermittently when you have business records to get rid of in your office or any location you store your corporate files.    This on-demand service is great for the occasional need for shredding.

Scheduled Shredding Programs 

Federal and state authorities are stepping up their enforcement of privacy protection so your company needs to make sure you are compliant.   When it comes to paper records you need to have a document destruction program in place and our scheduled service is the answer.  We supply our locked bins and consoles to be kept in your office.  All you have to do is discard all documents in them.  We then come to your office on a repeating schedule to remove and shred the papers in each container.  Choose a schedule that can be daily to monthly that be adjusted at any time,

Residential Shredding in Lindenhurst NY

It’s true you don’t have to take those heavy documents anywhere because we’ll come to your home to shred them with one of our powerful commercial shredding trucks.  Don’t put your personal papers in the garbage where anyone can get access to them.  Let our residential shredding service come to your house or apartment to destroy them so the information can never be seen again.  Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday.

We can help you with your document shredding project so give us a call today.