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Shredding Services in Mastic NY for Residents & Businesses

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Document Shredding At Your Location On The Day You Want!

Need to shred once or do you need document destruction on an ongoing basis?  Time Shred has the answer. Our on-site document destruction service is available to the residents and businesses located in Mastic, NY six days a week and you could have an appointment tomorrow.

Paper Shredding Made Easy Start To Finish

  • It Starts With A Call – When you call our company an experienced person will answer the phone, not some recording that makes you press endless prompts.  Our eager customer service staff will assist you with determining what shredding service is right for you and we can give you a great quote at the same time.  Then, we can set up your appointment for the date you want since we offer next-day service Monday to Saturday.
  • On-site Shredding Let’s You Watch Your Papers Being Destroyed –  We come to your Mastic NY home or business to destroy your confidential records with one of our powerful paper destruction trucks. Our fleet is the most advanced in the industry.  The first thing we do after we arrive is to transfer your documents from whatever they are in into on bins that hold 300 pounds of paper.  After we place your documents in the bin it is locked and moved to our truck where your papers are destroyed right away.  You can go to our trucks and watch your files being destroyed on a monitor on the side of the truck.
  • All The Shredded Paper is Recycled – Every document we shred for you is recycled and used to make other paper products.  Every ton of paper that is shredded and recycled will save 17 trees from being cut down.
  • We Provide Certificates of Destruction –  After your documents have been destroyed, we can mail or email you a certificate of destruction that will show that your paper records have been destroyed in a compliant way.

Our Great Choices For Document Destruction in Mastic NY

One-time Shredding & File Purges of Business Records

We offer companies in Mastic NY a way to shred their business records only when they need it with our one-time service.  It allows any firm to call us only when they need us regardless of frequency.  You may need us once to clean out a storage facility or maybe you need to shred documents in your office just a few times a year.  Whatever the reason our one-time purge service is ready anytime you are.

Scheduled Shredding Programs

For many companies disposing of paper records is a daily occurrence.   It could be handwritten notes, drafts, or any business documents.  Since more than half of them have information on them that is protected by privacy laws you can’t just throw them in a wastebasket they need to be shredded.  We make the process easy with our ongoing scheduled service.  It makes the secure disposal and shredding of your company’s records automatic.  We outfit your Mastic NY office with our locked bins and consoles so you have a secure place to dispose of all documents.  Then on a recurring basis, we will come to your office to empty and shred the contents of each container.  You can have a schedule that is daily to weekly and we can adjust if your needs change.

Residential Paper Shredding

Although just throwing things in the garbage when you don’t need them anymore is easy it’s just not a good idea when it comes to your personal papers.  A good percentage of identity theft still occurs from these thieves finding documents in the trash.  You can prevent it if you have all of your private records destroyed with our mobile residential shredding service.  We will come to your Mastic NY home any day you want Monday through Saturday to shred your documents at your residence.  You will be able to watch us destroy all those papers so you know the information cannot be retrieved.

See how easy we make document shredding, give us a call!