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Shredding Services in Oakdale NY for Business & Residents

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Our staff of document shredding experts enjoys helping residents and local businesses in Oakdale, Long Island choose the best way to destroy their confidential papers. Just give us a call and we will provide you with a fair quote the gives you all the costs in advance. You will also be able to schedule your document destruction service right away. We offer next-day shredding Monday through Saturday.

On-site Document Destruction is More Secure

You will have the opportunity to see your papers being destroyed because we come to your Oakdale NY location with one of our paper shredding trucks and all of your documents and files are destroyed there before the truck leaves.  Your papers go from your premises to our truck in a sealed bin and are destroyed right away.

Our Unique Paper Shredding Process

Even if you’ve never used a professional paper shredding service before, hiring Time Shred is a simple process. Here’s what you can expect with secure onsite paper shredding with us:

  • The Call. When you call Time Shred Services a person will answer the phone, not some computer that walks you through endless prompts.  Our eager experienced customer service staff will assist you in determining what shredding service is right for you.  We will then determine how much you have to shred by asking you the right questions so we can give you a quote.  Then, we can schedule your shredding appointment.
  • On-Time Arrival. When you schedule a shredding appointment with us, you can expect us to arrive on the day you choose. We offer next-day shredding Monday through Saturday so we can accommodate just about any scheduling requirement for our shredding customers.
  • On-site Shredding. We never make you come to us. Instead, we come to your Oakdale NY home or business to handle your shredding needs. We have a fleet of fast and efficient paper shredding trucks that allows us to shred your documents at your Oakdale location.
  • Secure Handling. Improper document handling defeats the purpose of hiring a professional shredding company in the first place. Fortunately, the Time Shred professionals move all of your documents from your building or home to our paper shredding trucks in locked shredding security bins, so your documents are protected and secure from the time they are released to us until they have been shredded.
  • Shredded Paper is Recycled. Many people wonder what happens with the paper after their documents have been shredded.  Every document we shred is sent to paper recyclers that turn the shredded paper back into paper pulp.  Then, the recycled paper can be used to make many other paper products.  Every ton of paper that is shredded and recycled saves 17 trees.
  • Certificate of Destruction. After your documents have been shredded, our office will send you a certificate of destruction that will document that your documents have been properly shredded.

Excellent Options To Destroy Documents in Oakdale NY

One-time Shredding for Businesses

When you need to shred your documents only when you want to such as an annual file purge in your office or you need to get rid of years of documents that you don’t need anymore at a storage facility then our one-time shredding service is what you are looking for.  No one-time shredding need is too small or too large in Oakdale NY.  So if you have one box or thousands of boxes to destroy give us a call, we are happy to assist with any size document shredding project.

Scheduled Shredding for Any Size Office

For an ongoing paper destruction need, we make it easy with our scheduled service.  We supply you with locked containers to keep onsite to deposit your documents in until they are destroyed.  We come to your Oakdale NY office on an ongoing basis to shred your papers. You can have a weekly, biweekly, monthly or on-call ongoing schedule.

Residential Paper Shredding

If you want to reduce the personal papers and files you have at home the safest way to do that is with our residential shredding service.  We will come to your Oakdale NY house with one of our mobile units and destroy all the documents you want to eliminate there so you can see it being done.  We can come to your house or apartment every day but Sunday.

Hard Drive Destruction 

If it’s time for a new computer you need to be aware that the computer you are replacing has a hard drive that stores millions of pages of documents, your internet activity, and any other actions or tasks that were performed on the computer.  Hitting the delete button removes it from view but it is still on your hard drive.  You must remove old hard drives and have them destroyed to make sure the information will never be accessed again.  Time Shred will come to your Oakdale NY location and record the serial number of each hard drive, destroy them, and give you a certificate of destruction.

Paper Shredding Near Me

Many people often search for “shredding services near me” when they need confidential papers professionally destroyed. They prefer a local company for the trust and confidence it provides. Time Shred Services is based on Long Island and has been offering on-site paper shredding to Oakdale, NY residents and businesses since 2006.

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