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On-site Paper Shredding in Patchogue NY for Home & Work

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Shred Your Documents Right Away at Your Location

Book your onsite document shredding service today and we can come to your Patchogue, NY location to destroy your documents as soon as tomorrow. Time Shred Services works that fast. We offer one-time and ongoing shredding services so regardless of how much you have to destroy or how often we can assist you.

Set Up A Shredding Appointment When You Need It

We are unique because we still service our customers the old-school way of person-to-person contact.  Give us a call and one of our helpful staff will actually answer the phone and they are ready to assist you.  We’ll explain how our services work and help you choose the best document destruction option for you.  Then we will give you a fair price quote that has no last-minute or surprise charges. At the same time, you can schedule your service in Patchogue NY for any day you choose Monday through Saturday and it could be as soon as tomorrow.

How Our On-site Shredding Service Works

Seeing is believing and that is what you get when you order our mobile document destruction service because you can witness your files being shredded.  We have a fleet of high-tech paper destruction trucks that will come to your Patchogue NY location and they are all equipped with a customer viewing station that lets you see your records going through the industrial blades.  When we arrive we will first put your documents into one of our bins.  Each bin holds 300 pounds of paper and they will be locked.  The bin is then taken to our waiting truck and it takes over by lifting the bin and emptying your records into the shredder and they are destroyed.

The Best Document Destruction Choices in Patchogue NY

One-time Business Records Shredding

Every business in Patchogue NY works with paper files but some don’t have to dispose of them often.  For those firms, we offer our one-time service that gives you the option to make an appointment for us to come to your location or any location that stores for business records and destroy them.  You can order this service just once or periodically it is entirely up to you.

Scheduled Shredding for Your Office

You need to know what happens to your business documents when they are being discarded.  Just putting them in with the office trash could be a violation of privacy laws that could lead to fines and penalties.  Since half of all documents have some piece of information on them that privacy laws require they be destroyed when they are thrown away you should play it safe and shed all documents. Our ongoing scheduled service will help you do that.  You will no longer be putting any papers in a wastebasket but instead, in the security containers, we provide.  These containers remain locked so once you deposit a document it is safe until we come to destroy it.  Our staff will come to your company location in Patchogue NY on a continuous schedule to remove and shred all the files from each container.  Your schedule can be weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly.

Residential Shredding Services

You’re a target so don’t make it easy for identity thieves to steal your private information by putting personal papers in the garbage.  Let our residential shredding service come to your house or apartment and destroy them for you.  One of our commercial paper destruction trucks will arrive at your Patchogue NY  home and you will be able to see your documents being destroyed.  It’s so secure and convenient and you can make an appointment any day you want Monday through Saturday.

Why We’re The Right Choice When You Need Shredding

  • We are a local Long Island company.
  • Get a quote and an appointment with just one call.
  • We are available six days a week.
  • All shredding takes place at your Patchogue NY location.
  • Our powerful trucks can shred 6,000 pounds of paper per hour.
  • Our staff must pass annual background checks and drug tests.
  • Our NAID AAA Certification means we exceed the highest industry standards.

When You Shred You Help The Environment

All of the paper we shred gets recycledMany of our clients ask us what happens with the paper after their documents have been destroyed.  Every document we shred is sent to be recycled. The shredded paper goes through a process that turns it back into paper pulp so it can be used to make many other paper products like paper towels.  Every ton of paper that is shredded and recycled saves 17 trees.

Shredding Near Me Patchogue NY

The trend to shop local is growing in every community and helps support the local economy.  You can shop local when you need to shred documents also.  Time Shred Services is a local document destruction company that is based on Long Island.  We have been destroying the sensitive paper and files for the residents and business in Patchogue NY since we started in business in 2006,

We are ready to help you with your document destruction project so give us a call today.