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Document Shredding in Sag Harbor NY for Home & Business

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Residential and business on-site document destruction services are available six days a week in Sag Harbor Long Island with Time Shred Services. To book your appointment for as soon as tomorrow, give us a call today.

Speak To One of Our Shredding Experts

We have a team of experienced customer service representatives always ready to help you with an upcoming document destruction project.  They will explain how our one-time and ongoing services work.  After you have decided on a service we will provide you with a quote. Our prices are very reasonable and we don’t charge any extra fees or surcharges that many other companies hit you with after the job.   To make your appointment just let us know what date will be best for you and we will be there. We are available  Monday through Saturday with only one day’s notice in Sag Harbor NY.

Where Are Your Documents Destroyed- At Your Location

We come to your Sag Harbor NY residence or business location to shred all your confidential records.  We have a fleet of trucks that have been outfitted with the latest paper destruction technology.  The industrial shredders are so powerful they can destroy 6,000 pounds of documents per hour.  The cutting blades can also tear through staples, paper clips, and all types of binder clips so you don’t have to do any prep work before we arrive.  Our process is more secure because your files are moved from your site to our truck for immediate destruction in a sealed bin so they are protected at all times.

We Have The Best Ways To Shred Your Documents in Sag Harbor NY

One-time Business File Shredding

Many of our corporate clients in Sag Harbor NY don’t have a regular need to destroy business records.  For those clients, we offer our one-time service.  This option makes our professional on-site shredding service available to your company only when you want it done.  We can help you clean out an office of old files or go to your storage facility to reduce the records that have passed their retention period.  For any reason or any frequency, our one-time service is the answer.

Scheduled Shredding Programs

If you’re a business that is throwing away documents often if not daily you have a responsibility to do so in a secure way, that means shredding.  Our scheduled service makes it easy.  We will place our locked bins and consoles in your Sag Harbor NY office.  All papers being discarded should be deposited in one of our locked containers.  We will visit your office on a repeating basis to remove and destroy the documents from each container.  Your schedule can be any frequency from daily to monthly.  We also offer custom schedules.

Residential On-site Paper Shredding 

When you decide to get rid of some of your personal documents you have at home like tax records and monthly billing statements you want to make sure your private information is being disposed of in a way that prevents someone else from getting access to that information.  The best way to do that is with our residential shredding service.  One of our commercial paper destruction trucks will be sent to your Sag Harbor NY home so you can watch your documents being shredded.  This service is available Monday to Saturday.

Help Protect the Environment with Shredding

One of the additional benefits of our document destruction service is how it is environmentally friendly.  Every document we shred is recycled and processed to become paper pulp.  The pulp can then be used to make other paper products.  Just one ton of paper that is shredded and recycled will save 17 trees.

Shredding Service Near Me

People often search for “shredding services near me” when they need confidential papers professionally destroyed, preferring to use a local document destruction company.   Time Shred Services is a local Long Island-based company that has been shredding for the residents and businesses of Sag Harbor NY since we started in business in 2006.

Give us a call today so we can get you set up to start shredding right away!