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On-site Document Shredding in Selden NY for Home & Work

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We Shred At Your Location on the Date You Request

Need A Specific Date To Have Your Files Shredded? No Problem With Time Shred Services we’re Available Six Days a Week!  When you need to securely destroy confidential papers we are ready to help as soon as tomorrow.  Let Time Shred Services come to your Selden NY location any day you want Monday to Saturday just give us a call to set up an appointment.

Talk To One of Paper Shredding Experts

Call us today to speak to one of our customer service representatives so we can explain our service options and help you pick the best one for you  We will also give you a great quote that gives you all the costs upfront.  The last thing to do is set up your document destruction appointment in Selden NY. We operate Monday through Saturday so you’ll have no problem picking a day that is convenient for you.

How Our On-site Shredding Service Works

We are a mobile shredding company with a fleet of the most powerful paper destruction trucks in the industry that will come to your Selden NY location and quickly and securely shred your personal papers or business files.  You will be able to see every aspect of the destruction of your files from placing your documents into one of our security bins, moving the bins to our truck to the shredding of your papers.  Our trucks are also equipped with a camera system that has a viewing station on the side that allows our customers to see their papers being destroyed.

Pick One of Our Great Options To Destroy Documents in Selden NY

One-time Business Records Shredding

Our one-time service is document destruction that is controlled by you.  You can call us anytime and as often as you need to destroy documents in Selden NY.  There is no set schedule.  This service is perfect for any file purge or office clean-out.  It is also great when you want to eliminate any of those business records that have reached the end of their retention period at an offsite storage facility. One-time shredding means you can call us when you want to destroy company files.

Schedule Shredding for Your Office

The requirement to properly and securely dispose of business records falls on every company.  If you are discarding paper files often if not daily in your office you need to have a way to do it that protects that information from getting into the wrong hands.  Our scheduled service is the answer.  We supply your office with our locked bins and consoles that stay onsite so you always have a secure place to dispose of your paper records.  Then on an automatic schedule, we come to your business location in Selden NY to remove the papers from each container and destroy them.  We work with you to implement a frequency that works for your organization which can be daily to Monthly.

Residential Paper Shredding

We offer next-day residential shredding services Monday through Saturday so you can get your personal papers destroyed at your home when you want it done.  It is fast, convenient, and reliable.  One of our commercial destruction trucks comes right to your Selden NY house or apartment and you will be able to witness your private files being shredded.

Hard Drive Destruction

Those old computers that are just sitting around are storing a lot of information on the hard drive resting inside the CPU.  If someone got their hands on one of those hard drives they could get access to all that information.  When you are done with a computer you should remove the hard drive and have it physically destroyed.   We come to your Selden NY location record the serial number, destroy the hard drive, and give you a certificate of destruction.

Give us a call so we can help you with your document destruction project.