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Professional Shredding Services in Wyandanch, NY

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When You Need Shredding Have It Tomorrow

You know you need to shred those old documents what next?  Just call Time Shred we offer the residents and businesses in Wyandanch NY one-time and ongoing options to securely destroy their confidential papers six days a week.  All your files will be destroyed at your location and you can make an appointment for as soon as tomorrow.

We Are Your Best Alternative For Shredding Services

It’s our ease of ordering and flexibility of scheduling that makes first-time customers happy and existing customers coming back :

  • One Call For Quotes & Appointments – We really make it easy to get started, just give us a call.  Our staff will pick up the phone not some automated system.  We will take the time to explain our services and help you pick the right option for you.  After you have made your decision we will give you a quote that gives you all of the costs upfront so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees or surcharges.  Here is the best part you tell us what day to come.  We offer next-day service Monday through Saturday.
  • There’s No Questions With On-site Shredding –  What could be more comforting than having your confidential files destroyed right in front of you at your location.  That’s what we give you with our onsite service.  We have a fleet of industrial power paper destruction trucks we send to your Wyandanch location.  All of your papers are transferred into our security bins and then taken directly to our truck to be destroyed.  A camera system is installed on every truck so you can watch your papers being shredded on a screen on the side of the truck.
  • We Are A Company You Can Trust – To work for our company every employee must go through a comprehensive screening process that includes background checks and drug testing.  We don’t stop there, employees are also rescreened at least once a year.  In addition to that, we are NAID AAA Certified which means our company exceeds the strictest standards in our industry for security and professionalism plus all of our policies and procedures have been audited and continue to be audited with scheduled and surprise audits annually.
  • Our Shredding Service Is Green – Our service not only protects your private information is also helps to protect the environment.  Every piece of paper we shred is sent to recyclers that turn the shredded documents back into paper pulp.  Then the recycled paper can be used to make many other paper products such as paper towels.  Every ton of shredded paper that is recycled saves 17 trees.
  • Certificate of Destruction Is Provided – After your confidential records are shredded, our office will send you a Certificate of Destruction that will detail that your documents have been properly shredded.

Our Great Document Destruction Choices

One-Time Business File Shredding

If you think your the only company that has a varying need to shred business records your not.  Many firms need to securely destroy files at different times and different amounts.  Our one-time service is perfect for these companies because it gives them the flexibility to have documents shredded as little or as often as they need it even if it is just once.  Our one-time service will take care of any volume of documents whether it’s one box of files or thousands of boxes of records.

Scheduled Shredding Program

As a business owner or manager, you need to know what your staff is doing with paper records when they are being disposed of.  They can never just go in the open trash that could lead to a data breach and privacy law violation.  The best way to protect your company and your clients is with an ongoing document destruction program.  We start by placing our locked bins and consoles throughout your office.  Now your staff has a secure place to discard all documents.  Then on an automatic schedule, we will come to your place of business and empty and shred the contents of each container.  We offer schedules that are weekly, every other week, every four weeks, and monthly.

Residential Shredding Wyandanch NY

At some point, you are going to be getting rid of some of those old personal papers you have at home like tax returns, bank statements, and many other types of documents that have your private information on them.  Just putting them in the garbage is an invitation for your information to be stolen by identity thieves.  Let our residential shredding service come to your home and destroy them for you so you don’t have to worry about it.  One of our industrial paper destruction trucks can come to your home any day you want and shred them for you so you can see it being done.

If you call us today you can get a quote and make an appointment for as soon as tomorrow.