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Shredding Services in Chestnut NJ for Residents & Businesses

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On-Site Document Destruction in Chestnut NJ Six Days a Week

It does not matter if you are a resident or a business owner in Chestnut New Jersey when you need to destroy sensitive documents Time Shred can do it for you right away.  We will come to your location to shred your documents six days a week.  Call us for an appointment as soon as tomorrow.

Call Us Now for a Quote & Appointment

Time Shred is a local document shredding service so when you call our office you get to speak directly to one of our local staff, not some call center.  Let them help you choose the right service for you.  They can give you a very reasonable price quote and set up your service date for the day you want Monday through Saturday in Chestnut NJ on the same call.

How On-Site Document Destruction Works in Chestnut NJ

There’s no question that our mobile service is just more secure.  When we arrive, you just point us in the direction of what needs to be shredded, and we place all your papers in a locking bin to protect them.  The bin then goes directly to our truck and the files are destroyed right there and then.  You are able to watch the entire process so you know your papers are destroyed.

Pick The Right Document Destruction Service in Chestnut NJ

One-Time Shredding for Businesses

If you’re an organization in Chestnut NJ that does not need to destroy files that often you are a candidate for our one-time service.  This option lets you order file destruction only when you need it.  It is great for any purge of records.

Fee – We charge you for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your business files.  The bin price is based on volume.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Scheduled Office Shredding

If you are a scheduled client, you will receive locked containers that will be placed in convenient locations in your Chestnut NJ office for easy access by your staff.   Just whenever necessary deposit files you need to shred into the locked containers. Then, we will show up on your scheduled day and empty the containers so your papers can be taken to our mobile unit and destroyed. We offer scheduled services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or can work on a custom frequency for you.

Fee – There is no rental fee to use our containers.  Only pay by the type of container when they are serviced.

Residential Shredding 

Whenever you decide to reduce the amount of personal papers you have at home you can’t just put them in the trash.  Identity thieves spend a lot of their time looking through garbage because they know a lot of people make that mistake.   Have our residential shredding service come to your Chestnut NJ home and destroy them there for you.  It’s quick, easy and you will be able to watch your papers being destroyed.  You can make an appointment any day but Sunday.

Fee – We charge our residential customers by the 96-gallon bin.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Certified Information Destruction

Our company is AAA Certified by NAID (National Association of Information Destruction), and to do that, we must meet or exceed the highest standards in the information shredding industry. Even better, we will not employ shredding technicians unless they have passed our rigorous background checks, standardized drug tests, and the highest level of professional standards.

Time Shred vs. the In-House Paper Shredder

The average paper shredder cannot handle the volume that Time Shred can. In fact, our mobile on-site paper shredding trucks can shred up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. No in-house shredder can handle that capacity.  When it comes to hauling all of your papers to shred down the stairs, will your in-house shredder carry the load? Doubtful. We will, though. Our friendly staff shows up ready to work, and we have no problem taking those containers full of hundreds of pounds of paper and transporting them to our mobile shredding trucks for you. The personal paper shredder tends to get jammed, and it can only hold a certain number of pages at a time. With us, you can sit back, relax, and we’ll do all the work.

Contact the Expert Document Shredders at Time Shred in Chestnut, NJ Today

Shred your most valuable information and reduce your liabilities by contacting the team at Time Shred today. Our friendly staff can help you set up a one-time shred appointment or get you set up with our shredding scheduled service right away.