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Best Document Shredding and Paper Shredding in Elizabeth, NJ

Your organization, and even at home, you have plenty of documents and files that contain sensitive and personal information on them.  At some point you don’t need them anymore and you need an easy and secure way to dispose of them.  That is where Time Shred comes in and makes document shredding simple.  So simple it takes just one call.  Just one call to Time Shred means you could be shredding as soon as tomorrow.

If that information falls into the wrong hands, it can put you, your company, and even your family at risk.

Time Shred is the leader in information security and document destruction services. We offer residences and business owners throughout the Elizabeth, NJ area our expertise and a full suite of shredding capabilities to protect private information.

At Time Shred, we are all about protecting what matters the most.

Document Shredding is Better for You and the Environment

Shredding documents at home or in the office with a personal shredder is time-consuming and full of hassles. When you shred with a professional document shredding company, you do not have to do any of the work.

Instead, Time Shred shows up to your Elizabeth, NJ location with our mobile shredding trucks. These paper shredding trucks are ready to tackle an incredible capacity of 6,000 pounds per hour. No personal shredder can match this capability.

With us, we offer conveniences that you cannot get shredding in-house, including high volume, fast, reliable shredding.

You do not have to lift, look for a recycling center, or even worry about sifting through what can be tossed and what must be shredded. All of your documents will be places in the Time Shred secured shredding bins and our team will handle the rest for you.

Even better, Time Shred recycles all the papers that our trucks shred. For every ton that we recycle, we save 17 trees — and that matters tremendously to us.

On-Site, Safe Mobile Shredding

There is nothing safer than on-site mobile shredding. You do not have to worry about us leaving your documents in a warehouse waiting in the queue to be shredded, and you certainly do not have to wonder if your documents will fall into the wrong hands.

With Time Shred, your documents are shredded right there on site using our powerful mobile shredding truck.

Each shredding bin holds up to 300 pounds of paper, and they are locked to meet federal and state privacy standards. Our automated system lifts the shredding bin into the paper shredding truck and empties your documents into the shredder and your documents are destroyed .

You can watch the entire process on a TV monitor located on the side of the truck because we have cameras in place to watch everything.

Setup Your Shredding Appointment with Time Shred Today

If you are ready to get started, set up a shredding service with Time Shred at your Elizabeth, NJ location.

When you call, our friendly staff will ask you a few questions to ascertain what your shredding needs might be. From there, we proudly furnish you with a shredding quote so that you know exactly how much to expect to pay our document shredding services.

Then, we can get you started.

Most of our document shredding services are next day, and sometimes we can service on the same day you call.

It’s easy to get started, just make a phone call to Time Shred today.