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High-Quality, Reliable Document Shredding Services in Elizabethport, NJ

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It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner or homeowner, you have documents that you need to shred.

Yes, you could use a personal shredder, but once you add up the costs, the time it takes and hassles associated with one, you may think twice.

A professional shredding service is a perfect solution when you have documents that you need to be shredded, but do not have the time to spare.

That is where Time Shred fits into the picture.  We offer fast and convenient document shredding solutions for businesses and residents of Elizabethport NJ.

Why Choose Time Shred?

At Time Shred, we offer timely document destruction options. In fact, most of our shredding appointments include next-day service. For some in the Elizabethport, NJ area, we may even have same-day shredding service appointments available!

While we are timely, what makes Time Shred stand out among the competition and the elusive personal shredder?


  • We are AAA Certified by NAID
  • Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and required to pass a criminal background check
  • All of our employees have signed confidentiality agreements
  • We recycle everything we shred to lessen our impact on the environment
  • Our mobile shredding trucks can tackle 6,000 pounds of paper in a single hour
  • We come to you — no lifting, transporting or leaving your location
  • You can watch everything being shredded because we have cameras on our trucks for your peace of mind
  • Everything is automated, so our employees never see a document or touch your documents.

How to Get Started Shredding with Time Shred

Getting started with Time Shred is incredibly easy. In fact, you just have to call our local Elizabethport, NJ office location.

We will then discuss your needs, residential or business, and your shredding volume. From there, a staffer will be able to provide you with a quick, affordable quote and schedule your paper shredding service.

We don’t have frilly prices or hidden fees either. Instead, we simplify the pricing model by charging per container — that’s it.

Feel free to ask our staff as many questions during the setup as possible. We are here to help. We can also set up our scheduled shredding service, which comes weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly (or whenever you prefer) to shred. We’ll drop off a locked container that you deposit papers into throughout the week, and then at your scheduled appointment we show up and shred.

Most importantly, everything Time Shred does is on-site. So,  you do not have to worry about us transporting your papers or leaving them in a conatiner waiting to be shredded. Instead, it all happens in your parking lot or driveway.

Get Started with a Next-Day Shredding Appointment in Elizabethport, NJ Today

Ready to get started with Time Shred?

Contact your local office and tell our staff what you need.

Most of our appointments are completed next-day, with some locations being serviced the same day.

If you are ready to setup a recurring shredding service, we can get you started, get your quotes, and deliver the container so that you are ready to start shredding with us.