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The Best Document Shredding Services in Elmora, NJ

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You Pick The Date To Have Your Papers Shredded in Elmora NJ! 

When you want to destroy old outdated files that contain sensitive information it’s easy to have it done with Time Shred Services.  We offer on-site document destruction six days a week.  We will come to your Elmora New Jersey location and shred all your documents on any date you request Monday through Saturday.

How to Start Shredding with Time Shred in Elmora, NJ

Ready to get started? All it takes is a phone call to our customer service staff, and we will help you set up the entire shredding process.  First, we will discuss your shredding needs and determine which document shredding service is right based on that. Then, we will give you an affordable quote based on the shredding service you want, and schedule your document destruction appointment.  You can take advantage of the knowledge the Time Shred staff has. We can help you find the perfect solution, and most importantly, we are here to put your mind at ease. If you have questions, we are here to answer them.

How Our Mobile Document Destruction Service Works

Time Shred comes to your home or office with one of our state-of-the-art paper shredding trucks, which can handle the destruction of up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. No matter how big or small the amount of papers you need to destroy our trucks can easily handle it.  Our technicians will place your documents into one of our security bins.  Our staff moves it and takes it over to our automated system at the truck where it is lifted, emptied and shredded immediately.  We do all of the work as you look on, and we recycle the shredded paper once we are done for the day.

Document Destruction for Elmora NJ Businesses

Your company can book a one-time service or set yourself up with scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly shredding appointments.

One-Time File Shredding Service – Many of our corporate clients find our onetime service very accommodating because they can order the shredding of business records only when they need it.  This is a great option for any file purge, an office clean-out, or any periodic need to eliminate files that you no longer need to maintain.  Just give us a call anytime you would like to shred.

Scheduled Office Shredding  Programs-  The continuous need to protect private and proprietary information in your business can be satisfied with our ongoing service.  This makes the secure disposal of documents very easy.  We supply your work-site with our locked bins and consoles.  Now you have a secure place to discard all papers.  Your files are under lock and key until be arrive on a regular schedule to destroy them.  Your schedule service can be on a consistent daily to monthly basis.

Residential Mobile Shredding   

We give the residents of Elmora NJ peace of mind with our residential shredding service. We come to your home with one of our commercial paper destruction trucks and you get to watch your personal documents being destroyed.  Destroying your old files, pay stubs, or any other private documents in this fashion is just more secure than any other option.  We can come to your residence any day but Sunday.

Our On-Site Document Destruction Staff is the Best of the Best

We take our document destruction task seriously. After all, you have sensitive information on those papers that cannot get into the wrong hands.  We only hire those that have passed our strict background tests. All our shredding technicians are regularly drug tested, and all must sign a strict confidentiality agreement to be hired onto our service team.

Get started with your tailor-made shredding service from Time Shred by calling a member of our local team.