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Personal shredders are no way to go about shredding document or paperwork.  It takes forever or not at all if they get jammed.  You also need to be aware that they generate a lot of heat, so they may be a hazard.

Whether you are looking at a stack of old files you want to destroy, or you have a business that generates a lot of documents that you need to dispose of on a regular basis, you need a professional document shredding service.

Why Hire a Pro?

A professional document shredding service does more than save you the hassle of physical shredding; they reduce your environmental impact. Time Shred recycles all the papers that we receive, and we do our best to lessen our impact on Earth.

Even better, when you hire Time Shred, you save yourself the issue of lifting, transporting, and paying employees to shred documents.

Our team can shred up to 6,000 pounds of paper in a single hour using our mobile shredding trucks — what personal shredder can compete with that?

Scheduled Shredding Made Easy

Onetime shredding is for those occasional document shredding needs.  We come to you to shred your documents only when you need us.

For your convenience, we offer scheduled shredding services. With these services, we take the task of managing document destruction off your business’s hands. Instead, we deliver you a shredding container that follows federal and state privacy laws.

The locked shredding container is conveniently placed in your office for your staff. Then, when your scheduled shredding appointment arrives, we will come to your site and empty the shredding container into a bin and it is taken to our secured shredding truck and shredded.

Our employees do not reach into the bin and we never look at the papers. Instead, our automated system lifts the shredding bin and empties it into the shredder.

Then, we lock the container back up and place it in your office.

It’s that easy.

You can schedule your service when it works for you. Some clients need us weekly; others prefer monthly visits. You just let your staff know when you want your routine shred appointment, and we will make it happen.

Have a busier month? Schedule an extra one-time shred or bump up the number of shredding services you need, then downgrade them with things slow again.

One-Time Shredding You Can Trust

Sometimes you just need a professional to handle the extra load, and we get that.

Time Shred is here to help you with all of your shredding needs.

If you need us for a single visit, just give us a call and request a one-time appointment. We kindly offer this shredding service for homeowners and businesses.

A Few More Benefits of Using Time Shred

  • AAA Certified by NAID (National Association of Information Destruction)
  • Staff is background checked, drug tested, and sign confidentiality agreements.
  • Pricing is simple: we charge per shredding container.
  • We’re mobile, so we come to you.
  • We shred all documents.
  • Quotes available over the phone.

Schedule Your Fanwood, NJ Document Shredding Appointment Today

If you are ready to get a jumpstart on the shredding, contact our Fanwood, NJ office location today. Our friendly staff can give you a quote right over the phone, or we can work to set you up for a scheduled service and have a document container delivered to your site.

To get started, it just takes one phone call.