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You have documents to shred and with Time Shred Services you can have it done right away at your location six days a week.  We offer our convenient mobile document destruction service to residents and businesses throughout Garwood, NJ. Our expert services are just a telephone call away.  Experience the Time Shred difference today by contacting our local customer service team.  Our staff is here to answer your questions and assist you with picking the right service. On the same call, we will provide all the pricing from your job that has no added costs.  We can even set up your appointment for a date that works for you Monday through Saturday.  It’s all done with just one telephone call.

How Our On-Site Document Destruction Works

You can’t beat the security of mobile shredding.  Your sensitive files are destroyed at your location by one of our industrial paper destruction trucks.  Your documents don’t go anywhere until they are completely destroyed.  Our staff will place all the documents you want destroyed in our 96-gallon bins.  The bins will be locked to protect your information.  The bin will be rolled to our truck where the shredding system takes over by lifting, emptying, and shredding the contents of the bin. You can watch the sharp cutting blades in action on a TV screen on the truck.  Because we shred at your Garwood NJ home or business location you can witness the process so you know the job has been completed

Our Great Shredding Services & Fees in Garwood NJ

One-Time Shredding for Business Files

When the timing or your need to destroy business records is always changing our one-time service is the solution.  With this option, you call to make arrangements to shred files anytime you need to.  Call us in a week, a month, next year, it’s up to you we are ready when you are.  We will go to any Garwood NJ location you have business records and shred them there.

Fee –  Just pay for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your business records.  We base our bin price on how much you have to shred.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Recurring Scheduled Shredding Service

Take advantage of our ongoing service to be compliant with privacy regulations as it relates to the secure disposal of documents.  It does not take much effort on your part other than disposing of all papers in the locked bins and consoles we provide.  We do all the work by coming to your Garwood NJ business site on a regular schedule to remove all the files from the containers and destroy them.  Your ongoing service dates can be daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly.  Your service periods can always be adjusted.

Fee – You will have the use of our bins and consoles rent-free.  We only charge you when we come to empty and shred the deposited papers.

Residential Shredding 

Our residential shredding service destroys all your personal documents at your Garwood NJ house or apartment.  We make sure our paper destruction truck tears through all those old files you want to eliminate.  You will be able to see your documents being shredded on a monitor on the side of the truck.  With our mobile service, you’ll know your papers are destroyed.

Fee – Our residential customers pay by the 96-gallon bin.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Who is Time Shred?

Time Shred is a locally owned mobile on-site document shredding service that is AAA Certified by NAID (The National Association of Information Destruction). When you hire our team, you receive professionals that understand the sensitivity of your documents and know how to dispose of them securely.

We offer our tailor-made document shredding services to homeowners, small businesses, large corporations, healthcare providers, and even organizations of all kinds that have sensitive documents that must be shredded.

Why Choose Time Shred over the Personal Shredder?

The personal shredder may seem like it is saving you money, but it costs you more than you might realize. Just think about these savings Time Shred offers versus the personal shredder:

  • We Can Save You Time: Think of how much time it would take a personal shredder to handle 300 pounds of paper. Now, consider this: Time Shred can take on 6,000 pounds of paper and shred it in an hour or less.
  • Personal Shredders get jammed – Those small shredders can only handle a few sheets of paper at a time.
  • No prep work needed: When you hire Time Shred you don’t have to remove staples, paper clips, or file binders of any kind.  Our industrial blades can cut righ through them.
  • We Offer Scheduled and One-Time Services: Only need us a single time? We can handle that. Want to set up something on a routine shredding schedule? We do that too.
  • We Offer Simple, Upfront Pricing: There are no hidden fees or secrets when you hire us. Instead, we offer simple flat pricing schedules that are easy to understand.
  • We Save the Environment: For every ton of paper shredded by Time Shred, 17 trees are saved somewhere in the world. We recycle all shredded documents, something a personal shredder relies on you to do.

We Employ the Best Because You Deserve the Best

The staff at Time Shred is the best in the document shredding industry.

We take our hiring practices seriously. That is why every shredding technician employed by us has been thoroughly screened, and we regularly test them to ensure they maintain our quality standards.

Our employees show up to the site ready to work. They are friendly, professional, and have uniforms and photo ID badges. So, you always know who is handling your documents.

Call today to make your document shredding appointment.