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Document Shredding Services in Kenilworth, NJ

When you have a need for document shredding services in Kenilworth NJ we are ready to help you.  Time Shred Services is a locally based paper shredding service that comes to your Kenilworth home or office to shred your documents.  We offer next day document destruction services and all you have to do is give us a call.

Next Day Shredding

Time Shred Services offers next day document shredding services to Kenilworth businesses and residents six days a week.  That means that you can choose the best day for you to have your documents shredded Monday through Saturday.

One Call Is All It Takes

When you call Time Shred Services one of our document shredding experts will be there to help you.  We will explain our paper shredding services and answer any of your questions so you can make the best shredding decision for you.  During the same telephone call we will be able to give you a quote.  That quote will be easy to understand and have to hidden or extra charges that pop up later, just a true and fair quote for your document shredding service.   If the quote meets with your approval you can then schedule your shredding service.   Time Shred makes paper shredding that easy.

On-Site Shredding  

Time Shred Services is an onsite document shredding service.  We have a fleet of document shredding trucks that will come to your Kenilworth NJ location to perform all paper shredding services.  When our truck arrives one of our uniformed shredding technicians will introduce himself and show you his picture ID.  Then under your direction your documents will be placed into a shredding bin and the bin will be sealed.  The shredding bin is then rolled to the paper shredding truck just outside your front door where the bin will be lifted by an automated system that will empty the bin directly into the shredder and your documents will be completely shredded.  For additional piece of mind you may accompany the bin to the shredding truck and watch your documents being shredded on a monitor mounted on the side of the paper shredding truck.  No other shredding service is more secure than having your documents shredded right in front of you.

On-time Document Shredding

Many individuals and businesses in Kenilworth NJ need document shredding services but just not that often.  For those customers that have a onetime or occasional document destruction need we offer our one-time shredding service, document shredding only when you need it, just call us when you are ready.

Scheduled Shredding Services

Many businesses and organization discard unneeded documents on a regular basis.  Many of those documents have information on them that privacy laws require they be protected even when they are no longer needed, that means they need to be shredded.  For those customers we offer scheduled document shredding.  We provide you with shredding containers to be placed in central locations of your office so you and your staff can place documents to be disposed of into a shredding container to securely hold them until they are shredded.  You then choose the consistent shredding schedule that works for you such as weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks of monthly.

AAA Certified Paper Shredding 

Privacy laws require that you know who you are turning your documents over to for shredding.  Now you have a choice to go through a comprehensive vetting process which is time consuming or you can hire an AAA Certified Shredding Company.  Time Shred Services is an AAA Certified Document Shredding company.  We are certified by the only national authority, NAID, The National Association of Information Destruction.  The AAA Certification means we exceed the highest security and professional standards in the document shredding industry.

We are ready to help you with your document shredding needs, so give Time Shred a call today.