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As time goes by, you may have noticed that those old tax records or credit card bills have begun to pile up, and you are running out of places in your home or office to stack or store them. You may not have the time to sit at a shredder and take care of these sensitive files, but throwing them away is a security risk. This is a good time to partner with Time Shred, an innovative shredding company serving individuals and businesses in Mountainside NJ.

Our Shredding Experts are Available Today

If this is your first time looking for a document destruction service or you need to make a change from an existing vendor because you are not getting the service you need give us a call.   Our very experienced staff will assist you by explaining all of our service options and help you pick the one that is best for your situation.  We will also give you a very fair quote that gives you all of the costs upfront with no extra or surcharge that other companies charge.  The last step is for you to tell us what day you would like us to come to your Mountainside NJ location.  It’s easy to choose a date because we service our customers Monday through Saturday with only one day’s notice.

Here’s How Our On-site Shredding Service Works

We are a mobile service because we have a fleet of trucks that are equipped with the most advanced and powerful shredding systems available.  Our trucks can destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour so we can quickly take care of any size job.  On your service date, our truck will arrive at your Mountainside NJ location and all of your papers will be put into one of our security bins.  Each bin holds 300 pounds of paper.  Once loaded with your documents the bin will be locked to protect your files and then it will be moved to the truck.  At the truck with the push of a button, a mechanical system will raise the bin and tip the contents into the shredder and all your papers will be destroyed.  You will also be able to see the process on a screen on the side of the truck.

Pick The Right Document Destruction Service For You in Mountainside NJ

One-time Shredding for Company Files

Shred only when you want to with our one-time service.  This option allows our business clients to make an appointment anytime they decide they need to destroy company files.  We have many customers in Mountainside NJ that use us once and we don’t hear from them again for a few years or other clients that call us a few times a year when they need to make sure confidential records are destroyed.  When you’re ready we’re ready.

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs

If you can make one of the many tasks in your office easier and less time-consuming it’s a benefit to your business.  Our scheduled service does just that.  You need to make sure that all paper records are being destroyed when they are being disposed of so you are compliant with federal and state privacy laws.   We make it easy with our ongoing option because we provide you with locked containers that are distributed throughout your Mountainside NJ office so your staff can use them anytime they need to throw away a document.  Our containers store them safely until they are destroyed.  Our staff will come to your office on a regular schedule to remove the documents and shred them.  We offer weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks, or monthly schedules.

Residential Paper Shredding

When you need to destroy some of the personal papers you have at home you don’t have to worry about having to take your heavy documents to some retail location because our residential shredding service will come to your home.  We’ll send one of our paper shredding trucks to your home or apartment and you will be able to see your private files being destroyed.  Our service comes right to your Mountainside NJ residence six days a week so you can make an appointment any day you want Monday through Saturday.  Never put any documents in the trash where someone could have access to them let us come to you to shred them for you.

Shredding is Environmentally Friendly

When you need shredding service in Mountainside NJ, an added bonus is that Time Shred is earth-friendly. This means you can not only save money and time by partnering with us, but you can help the environment, too. After our trucks shred your documents, the paper is recycled, reducing the need to harvest more trees. For every ton of shredded paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved and other paper products are made. It’s a win-win-win!

You Can Trust Our Staff

Even though you may have never met any of our staff you can be comfortable turning your confidential records over to our employees.  The reason is all of our staff are well trained to provide the best customer experience possible because we want you to use us again in the future and recommend us to others.  In addition, all of our staff go through pre-employment and annual background checks and drug screening.  They also must sign confidentiality agreements to commit to keeping all information private.

Shredding Service Near Me

If your goal is to buy from a local business whenever possible you can do that when you need to have confidential documents professionally shredded.   Time Shred Services is a local document destruction company that has been securely destroying the papers and files of the residents and businesses of Mountainside NJ since we were founded in 2006.

.  For more information or to schedule an appointment right away give us a call.