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Document Shredding & Paper Shredding Services in Mountainside, NJ

You need documents shredded, we can come to you as soon as tomorrow to shred them.

As time goes by, you may have noticed that those old tax records or credit card bills have begun to pile up, and you are running out of places in your home or office to stack or store them. You may not have the time to sit at a shredder and take care of these sensitive files, but throwing them away is a security risk. This is a good time to partner with Time Shred, an innovative shredding company serving individuals and businesses in Mountainside NJ.

Time Shred brings advanced technology and service to your front door, allowing you to spend your time doing the things that really matter. No more sitting for hours and feeding a personal shredder that you have to then empty in hopes that your methods were secure. In a world where identities are taken and information is easily stolen, Time Shred offers a safe and secure document shredding solution to residents and businesses in Mountainside NJ.

Document Shredding is Affordable

Shredding services from Time Shred are affordable, whether you need a one-time shredding appointment or an ongoing document shredding schedule for your needs. Our customer service professionals can help you determine the appropriate shredding service at a cost that can fit your budget and your lifestyle. We offer you an honest price quote without hidden fees or extra charges so you can make the best paper shredding decision. Professional shredding is well worth the investment, and when you team up with Time Shred, you also have the peace of mind knowing that our document destruction methods are safe and secure.

Shredding is a Timesaver

Whether you are a resident of a business and are looking to purge those paper piles, Time Shred saves you time by coming to you when it’s most convenient and taking care of everything within a matter of minutes. No one wants to take up valuable time to shred files, so let us do the heavy lifting and take care of it for you. We come to you Monday through Saturday, load up your files or documents into a shredding bin, and allow you to watch as our shredding truck destroys those unneeded papers and files.

Shredding is Environmentally Friendly

When you need shredding service in Mountainside NJ, an added bonus is that Time Shred is earth-friendly. This means you can not only save money and time by partnering with us, but you can help the environment, too. After our trucks shred your documents, the paper is recycled, reducing the need to harvest more trees. For every ton of shredded paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved and other paper products are made. It’s a win-win-win!

Private information is nothing to handle lightly, and most of us are well aware of the risks of simply throwing out important documents. You may think your shredding methods are safe, but you can be guaranteed of it when you partner with Time Shred. From the moment our uniformed and ID-carrying shredding staff member shows up to the time we depart your Mountainside location, everything is handled with the utmost in professionalism and highest security measures. Save yourself the time and energy it takes to shred, and call us instead!