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Shredding Services in Muhlenberg NJ for Home & Work

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We Can Shred Your Documents Tomorrow.

We make the onsite destruction of your sensitive papers affordable, secure, and convenient.  We can come to your Muhlenberg New Jersey location Monday to Saturday to shred your files.  Just give us a call to set up your service.

Speak to a Document Destruction Expert

Our customer service staff are experts when it comes to securely destroying your private papers.  Give us a call so we can help you get your project started.  We will provide you with all the costs for your service upfront and we never add in extra fees or surcharges.  You will also be able to book your service date for the day you want because we work six days a week.

The Security of Mobile Shredding  

Our onsite services will give you the peace of mind to know that your information will not end up in the wrong hands. We come to your Muhlenberg NJ home or place of business with one of our high-tech paper destruction trucks so you can see your files being destroyed.  Since your records go from your premises directly to our truck and are destroyed there is little to no chance of there being any issues.

Choose The Best Document Destruction Service in Muhlenberg NJ

One-Time Shredding of Company Files

Even if you don’t need to destroy business records that often don’t leave it to chance.  Have them professionally destroyed with our one-time option.  It lets you engage our on-site service when you decide you want to have it done.  It’s a perfect way to reduce old files in your Muhlenberg NJ office or at a storage facility.

Schedule Shredding Programs for Your Office

You have so many things you have to deal with in your Muhlenberg NJ office.  When it comes to the secure disposal of documents in your office we make it so simple it takes little or none of your time.  We place our locked bins and consoles in your office so all you have to do is deposit papers in them, we do the rest.  Our staff will arrive on a repeating schedule to destroy the discarded records.  Your ongoing service can be any interval from daily to monthly.

Residential Shredding Services

Everyone has old documents at home that they can get rid of.  You may think it’s easier to just toss them in the garbage with everything else but that would be a mistake.  Once out to the curb or in a dumpster your trash is fair game to go through.  Don’t let anyone get their hands on your private information.  Our residential shredding service will come to your Muhlenberg NJ house or apartment and destroy your documents there for you to witness.  You can make an appointment for any date Monday to Saturday.

Time Shred is Earth Friendly

Not only does Time Shred save you time and money, but you can feel good knowing you are making a friendly contribution to the environment. While our shredding trucks are taking care of 6,000 pounds of paper per hour, each document that is destroyed will be recycled into other paper products. This recycling method means that there is less of a need to harvest trees, and for every ton of paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved.

The efficiency and innovation behind Time Shred’s services are unmatched. We are confident that when you choose to partner with us, you will be amazed at what we can do. Save yourself the time and energy it takes to shred, and call us instead!