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Shredding in New Providence NJ for Residents & Businesses

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Document Shredding is Easy, Just Call Time Shred

If you call us today we can give you a quote and set up your shredding service right away.  Our on-site document destruction service is available Monday to Saturday to both residents and businesses in New Providence NJ.

How Our On-site Shredding Service Works in New Providence NJ

Let our professional document destruction service come to your Providence NJ home or business to eliminate any of the files that don’t need to be maintained any longer.  We arrive with one of our specialty shredding trucks.  These powerful vehicles are designed to destroy 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. Our staff will place all the papers you want to be destroyed in our 96-gallon bins.  Your records are moved to the truck in sealed bins and emptied and shredded without delay.  You are able to see the process from start to finish.

Choose The Right Document Destruction Service in New Providence NJ

Scheduled Office Shredding Programs 

Scheduled shredding services are particularly convenient for offices and work-at-home employees who handle sensitive information regularly. A quick call to one of our customer service professionals can get you connected to the most convenient and affordable paper shredding service for your need, whether that’s once a week or once a month. We will place our collection containers at your New Providence NJ location for the ongoing disposal of documents.  Then we will be by on a regular basis to remove and shred the papers. Businesses, in particular, have a responsibility to maintain the security of the private information on documents they possess, making it even more important to attend to document shredding on a regular basis.

How We Charge for Scheduled Shredding – We supply our locked containers rent-free.  The only time you incur a fee is when se service the containers.  The price is based on the type of containers used.

One-time Document Destruction & File Purges for Businesses

It may be your firm only needs a one-time or occasional shredding appointment, and in those cases, Time Shred is on the job. For office spaces and storage areas in New Providence NJ, Time Shred comes to you and does all the heavy lifting so that the secure destruction of files is completed securely while you watch. No more having to choose what to shred and what to toss; instead, save yourself time and energy by allowing us to take care of it all in one convenient document shredding process.

How We Charge for One-time Shredding – You pay for each 96-gallon bin we shred with your business records.  The price per bin is based on volume.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Residential Shredding Services

Not shredding your personal documents at home before they are disposed of is inviting trouble.  Identity thieves know that your garbage cans and recycle bins are a good place to find personal information.  Don’t let it happen to you, have our residential shredding service come to your New Providence NJ home to shred all those old tax files, medical records, or any other private documents you are ready to part with.  Our at-home service is available Monday through Saturday and you will be able to watch your documents being shredded.

How We Charge for Residential Shredding – Just pay for each 96-gallon bin we place your personal papers in and shred.  We have a one-bin minimum.

Why Document Shredding Is Important

It’s a busy world out there, and few of us have the time or resources to take care of every task on our own. From work to family activities and all the tasks in between, shredding personal documents and files may be the last thing on your mind.  However, in an age of identity theft and stolen personal information, it is important to stay aware of the vast number of confidential documents we have in our homes and offices. Credit card bills, tax files, and customer information is nothing to take lightly, and Time Shred is here to help securely destroy them.

Trained and Professional Staff

Our trained and uniformed staff member will come to your New Providence NJ home or office, complete with the proper identification, and transfer your documents into one of our shredding bins before taking them outside your door to the paper shredding truck. At a rate of 6,000 pounds of paper per hour, our document shredding fleet is designed to handle whatever may come it’s way, and you are invited to watch the whole process via a camera system.

You can rest assured that our highest priority is the safe and secure destruction of your personal information, confidential files, and piles of unnecessary papers. Time Shred is committed to seeing the process through from beginning to end. Save yourself the time and energy it takes to shred, and call us instead!