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Paper Shredding in Parkandbush NJ for Home & Work

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Document Destruction Done On Your Schedule

Looking to have your documents shredded right away?  Time Shred Services can do it for you and we come to your Parkandbush NJ location to shred.  We service the mobile document destruction needs of businesses and residents six days a week.

On-site Appointments Monday to Saturday

We will work with you to set up a day for your shredding appointment, one that works for you and your schedule. We work Monday to Saturday.  Our honest price quotes and thorough information about our services are backed by a commitment to helping you get what you need. We are here to answer questions and help you choose the best paper shredding service for your home or office location in Parkandbush NJ.

How Our On-site Paper Shredding Service Works

We begin your appointment by bringing one of our technologically advanced document shredding trucks to your home or office and transferring your documents to a bin that will be locked. We then take the sealed bin to our trucks, where the papers are securely destroyed as you watch the process. Whether you need a one-time or an ongoing service, the convenience of our onsite service saves time and is the most secure method for the secure disposal of your sensitive files.

For the Destruction of Business Records

Businesses in Parkandbush NJ face ever-increasing legislation that requires them to destroy personal information and confidential files in a secure manner.  We have two options for your firm;

Purge or One-Time Document Destruction – Are you looking for a one-off or periodic way to properly dispose of company files?  Our one-time service will let you purge old records anytime you would like to.  This is an on-demand way for your to order onside shredding when you want to have it done.

On-going or Scheduled Shredding – Having a shred all policy is the best way for your company to in compliance with privacy laws. To make implementing the policy easy we offer our scheduled service.  We supply your office with security containers that will give you a secure place to dispose of all documents.  The containers will be serviced on a regular schedule that can be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Residential Shredding

Be proactive with the protection of your personal information.  Anytime you want to dispose of old documents you have at home they need to be shredded.  Our residential shredding service will make sure any of your private data on paper will never be able to be read again.  One of our industrial destruction trucks will come to your home so you can watch your documents being destroyed.  We can come to your residence any day by Sunday.

High Standards and Professional Staff

Time Shred is AAA certified by The National Association for Information Destruction, an honor extended to those businesses that meet or exceed the highest standards in the information destruction industry. Our trained and courteous staff is experienced and helpful, always in uniform and in possession of the proper identification. All staff members go through a background check, drug testing, and sign confidentiality agreements.

Green Shredding

Rather than waste all the paper we shred, Time Shred gives a little love back to the Earth with environmentally-friendly practices. In addition to protecting private information, every document we shred is recycled into other paper products. This reduces the need to harvest more trees, which means you can feel good about the process. Every ton of shredded paper that is recycled saves 17 trees, which is good for all of us.

Time Shred is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality document destruction service so give us a call today.