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Document Shredding & Paper Shredding in Rahway NJ

For small businesses, medical offices, large companies and residents of Rahway NJ,  Time Shred Services provides easy and convenient document shredding services that is just a phone call away and all of the shredding is done at your location.

We offer paper shredding for large jobs, like an office clean-out, or the smallest jobs, like one box of documents at home — our paper shredding trucks can handle it all.

Time Shred is also secure. We come to you, and you can watch the entire shredding process happen right before your eyes for your peace of mind. With us, the job is done the day we arrive, and we do it on-site at your home or office.

About Us and What We Do

Businesses in Rahway regularly produce paperwork and documents that will eventually need to be destroyed in order to uphold their clients’ privacy, not to mention comply with state and federal privacy laws. Even homeowners need document shredding to securely destroy old tax returns, account documents, paperwork for closed accounts, old bills, and credit card statements.

Time Shred takes care of both of these needs with convenience and ease.

  • Your discarded documents and papers go into locked shredding bins. These are taken straight out to our paper shredding trucks, which are capable of destroying up to 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. The paper shredding trucks also have an automated, hydraulic system that lifts the shredding bins and empties them into the shredder.
  • Watch the whole shredding process on a monitor on the paper shredding You or your customers’ private information is safely and efficiently destroyed.
  • You can trust our shredding technicians. Each and every one of them gets drug-screened, their background checked, and is well-trained. They will arrive at your site ready to help, uniformed and carrying picture identification.

Time Shred is a Green Paper-Shredding Business

Being an eco-friendly business is important to us. We strive to be green with our practices: all of the paper we shred gets recycled and made into other paper products. This saves trees and prevents more waste from filling up landfills and garbage dumps.

How to Schedule Shredding with Time Shred in Rahway NJ

Time Shred is here to help you with all of your document shredding needs in Rahway, NJ. You can call us for help with choosing the right shredding service that will work for you or your business. We’ll get you scheduled for our one-time service or recurring shredding service.

One-Time Shredding or Regular, Scheduled Shredding

  • One-time shredding is the solution for homeowners, office workers, or those who just need a paper clean-out. We will come to your site on the scheduled day that works best for you, shred your paper, and get it done. If you later decide you need recurring shredding, you can always call us to schedule.
  • Lots of businesses regularly end up with piles of paper that need to be safely destroyed. For these cases, we will come on a regular shredding schedule to take care of your discarded paper and documents. We also provide you with shredding containers to store your documents in until your shredding date.
  • Count on us for paper shredding on Monday through Saturday. We come to you and do everything with your approval.

If you’re sitting underneath a mountain of paper, you need to call Time Shred. We can get the job done efficiently, securely, and on your schedule. Count on us for paper shredding in Rahway, NJ.