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Secure Document Shredding for Tremley Point, NJ

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Time Shred is a paper shredding service that delivers speedy and secure shredding for both residents and businesses at their location in Tremley Point, NJ.

We are flexible and convenient for any type of shredding job. Whether you need us for a small number of boxes of paper or a huge job with thousands of boxes, we can handle it. Plus, we know you will be satisfied with the quality of our service and the expertise of our document shredding staff.

Our fleet of paper shredding trucks is among the best in the document destruction industry. They come equipped with industrial shredders with an exceptional amount of power, as they can destroy as much as 6,000 pounds of paper per hour. It’s fast, safe, secure and done right in front of you.

Our Shredding Services and Operation

We offer our document shredding services from Monday-Saturday. We work with you to determine your shredding needs, and offer one-time shredding service or recurring document shredding service to meet them.

Our flexibility includes next-day shredding service, and in some cases, same-day shredding is available.

All of our document destruction and paper shredding in Tremley Point is done on-site, at your home, office, or business. We come to you, and all the work is done with your approval. We even do all the heavy lifting.

Time Shred is AAA Certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. This means we’re sanctioned as secure leaders in our industry.

Our staff all sign confidentiality agreements, are background checked, and drug tested. We come to your door uniformed and will show you picture ID.   We want you to be comfortable with the people that come to your home or business.

One-Time or As-Needed Shredding Service

Our one-time paper shredding service is the best option for those who want to purge their filing cabinets or paper backlog. Clear out all of your unneeded paper with one phone call.

Scheduled Shredding Service

Our scheduled document shredding service option is perfect for your busy office, business, or bustling company which produces a lot of paperwork, private documents, and account information that needs to be safely destroyed. This protects your customers’ privacy and keeps you in compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

Benefits of Using Time Shred in Tremley Point, NJ

  • With Time Shred, pricing isn’t confusing. We charge by the shredding container, and determine the rate per container based on shredding volume and frequency.
  • Did you know that document shredding with us helps the environment? All of the paper we shred gets recycled, which means that while we’re shredding paper, we’re saving trees from being cut down. We save 17 trees for every ton of paper we shred.
  • We’ll increase your office’s productivity by helping you eliminate getting bogged down with discarded paperwork. Shred everything instead of weeding through the piles, and you’ll be amazed at how much time and money you save. Plus, shredding everything is more secure.
  • We guarantee that we are faster and more efficient than using a personal shredder.

Choose Time Shred for all of your paper shredding in Tremley and discover how much time and energy you will save. We are a flexible, secure, and eco-friendly option for document destruction, and we will work with you to make sure your discarded paper output is manageable.