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Westfield, NJ Choice for Document Shredding

Westfield, NJ Choice for Document Shredding

Fast and reliable document shredding services that comes to your location with only one day notice is available if you call Time Shred Services.

You don’t deposit your savings into a piggy bank anymore. You don’t leave the keys to your car inside the ignition, so why should trust your documents to be disposed of in the garbage or in a recycling bin?

That’s private data that thieves can use to their advantage, bankrupting your company and selling your customer’s information to the highest bidder or hurt individuals. Take care of those documents by shredding everything you don’t need with Time Shred services. We are Westfield NJ mobile document shredding service, and we’re ready to come to you right away.

Secure Shredding with Time Shred

Our document destruction service is the highest quality that you’ll find in Union County. We have gone the extra mile to provide the best shredding service with our paper shredding trucks, our shredding equipment, our shredding technicians and response time to you. That effort has not gone unnoticed as we have risen to become New Jersey’s number one choice for mobile document shredding services.

We have earned the respect of our customers, and the association that governs us. The National Association for Information Destruction has given us an AAA Certification, an award that only those who practice extreme caution and security in shredding and destroying documents.

Mobile Shredding Services

If you want to give us a call, here’s what will happen. First, the phone will be answered by a person, not a machine. We value the person to person interaction with our clients because we know you value it as well.

When we speak with you about your shredding job, we can determine just how large the project is, whether one box or thousands and provide you with a quote on the job. That quote is a guarantee that there are no hidden costs or surprising charges with our prices. We charge by the number of shredding containers we shred, and nothing more.

After we arrange it over the phone, our paper shredding trucks will come out to your Westfield NJ location the very next day to process the shredding. We know how important it is to get this done securely which is why we are so prompt. Our shredding technicians have uniforms and photo IDs to show who they are and where they work.

You will always be dealing with a professional shredding technician, one who has been well-trained and has plenty of experience in handling private information like yours. In fact, all our shredding technicians have undergone background checks, taken drug tests, and have signed confidentiality agreements to bind them to secrecy about their work.

Under your watchful eye, the documents are loaded into the locking shredding bins, raised into the shredding truck and then emptied into the shredder. The shredder has a camera that you can watch on the side of the truck so you can see your documents getting destroyed. There is no doubt about whether or not they are fully destroyed.

Contact us today to arrange a mobile shredder to visit your home or office. We can handle any job, big or small and we’ll do it with the utmost secrecy and professional approach. Contact us today.