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The destruction of your sensitive documents is completed at your home or office for you to witness when you call Time Shred Services.  We’ll come to your Winfield Park NJ location Monday through Saturday to shred your papers

We Have Shredding Experts Ready To Help

Contact us today to speak to us in person about your shredding project. Our experienced customer service staff will assess your job and recommend the right option to get it done.  We will also provide you with a quote that will be very reasonable without any of the extra fees some other companies try to include.  If you’re ready to proceed you will be able to set up your service date on the same call.  We work six days a week for your convenience.

On-site Shredding is Convenient & More Secure

Don’t trust the destruction of your papers to any other method than on-site service.  It’s the only way you can see and know your files have been destroyed.  We arrive at your Winfield Park NJ location with one of our mobile units.  We place and lock your documents in a secure bin, bring them to our truck, and securely destroy them, all under your supervision. Each vehicle has a mounted camera over the shredder so you can watch your private documents going through the cutting blades.  No job is too big or small for our industrial shredding trucks. In fact, they are outfitted with the most advanced equipment in the industry that can shred up to 6000 pounds of paper per hour.

Great Document Destruction Solutions in Winfield Park NJ

One-time Shredding & File Purge Service

Periodically, organizations in Winfield Park NJ need document destruction services to purge files for a number of reasons.  Maybe your office is cluttered with old records and you need to make space. You may have a storage unit full of documents that have passed their retention period.  Whatever the reason our onetime service is available for a single project or anytime and for any reason you want to destroy business records.

Scheduled Shredding Services

Many Winfield Park NJ companies they are throwing away documents daily.  They need a secure way to do that and that is what our ongoing service offers.  We provide locked consoles and bins that are placed in accessible locations throughout the workplace so any member of your staff can use one.  Now just dispose of all papers in one of these receptacles.  You choose an ongoing schedule that works best for you such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly for us to come to remove and shred the documents.

Residential Shredding Services 

Make the elimination of the old personal files at home easy and convenient by giving us a call for our onsite residential shredding service.  We will come to your Winfield Park NJ home with one of our specially designed paper destruction trucks and let you watch your private files being shredded.  All those old tax returns, utility bills, bank statements, and any other sensitive papers are destroyed before we leave.  We can come to your home six days a week so it’s easy to fit shredding into your schedule.

 Contact Time Shred today for our document shredding truck to visit your Winfield Park New Jersey home or business for all your documents shredding needs.