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Shredding Services in Hastings On Hudson NY

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Shredding in Hastings On Hudson NY for Home & Work

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Shredding in Hastings On Hudson NY Six Days a Week

Don’t risk becoming a victim of identity theft shred your personal and business papers when you are ready to dispose of them. We make it very simple to set up an appointment to have your confidential records destroyed at your location six days a week, just give us a call. With one call you can get a quote and schedule your service.

We Have Paper Shredding Experts Ready To Help You

Need to shred your files as soon as tomorrow with Time Shred Services you can. Our paper shredding experts understand the difficulties of trying to fit all you have to do into your day that’s why we offer our professional mobile document destruction services Monday through Saturday so it is easier for you to have your private papers destroyed on the best date for you. In some cases, we may be able to offer same-day service.

Our On-Site Shredding Process

Just show us what you need to be destroyed and we do the rest. Our paper shredding truck will arrive at your Hastings on Hudson NY home or office on the day you choose and our technician will empty the containers holding your files into one of our bins that hold 300 pounds of paper. The bin will be locked and then taken to our truck for processing. The truck’s shredding system will lift the bin and pour your papers into the shredder. All your documents will be immediately destroyed. We invite our customers to come to the truck and watch their papers going through the shredder with a monitor on the side of the truck.

The Best Document Destruction Solutions in Hastings on Hudson NY

One-time Shredding for Company Files

Our one-time option is document destruction only when you call for it. How often is based solely on your particular needs. So if you want us just once to get rid of those old files that have been cluttering up your office for years or you prefer to shred documents at different times during the year our one-time service will work best for you.  We can shred at your office or any other Hastings on Hudson NY location you have papers that need to be destroyed.

Scheduled Office Shredding Plans

Our scheduled service is for those firms that need to destroy business records on a regular basis. To make it easy we will provide you with security containers to be kept in your office and placed so all of your staff will be able to use them. All you and your staff have to do is dispose of all paper documents in the security containers instead of placing them in a wastebasket. Then on a set schedule, we will come and empty and shred the documents that were deposited in the containers. Your schedule can be weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly. We will work with you to implement the best schedule for your Hastings on Hudson NY company.

We Make House Calls – Residential Shredding

With our residential shredding service, we will come to your Hastings on Hudson NY home on any date you want Monday through Saturday. Never put those old files into the regular trash. Identity thieves know that is a good place to find personal information. Our onsite residential document destruction service is very reasonable and you don’t have to have a lot of paper to shred to schedule a service. We are happy to destroy one box of files to a garage full of old documents.

Time Shred Services is a local onsite shredding and hard drive destruction service that provides information destruction to the businesses and residents located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester, and New Jersey.

For more information or to schedule an appointment right away gives us a call.