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Mobile Shredding in Sleepy Hollow NY for Home & Work

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We never rest when the businesses and residents of Sleepy Hollow NY need a fast and convenient way to shred their private documents.  We’re available Monday through Saturday. Do you need to get rid of old files but want to feel good knowing they are disposed of while keeping your confidential information safe?  Time Shred Services can help with our onsite service.  We offer both one-time and ongoing document destruction services that can be customized to meet the individual needs of each customer

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One of our service professionals will actually answer the phone and be happy to give you a quote and schedule one of our mobile trucks to come to your home or office right away with our next day service.  There’s no waiting you get everything taken care of with just one call.

Nothing Is More Secure Than On-site Shredding

The most secure way to shred confidential documents is right in front of you this way there is no question about where and when your papers are destroyed.   We have a fleet of the most advanced paper destruction trucks in the industry that will be sent to your Sleepy Hollow NY location to turn your files into tiny unreadable particles of paper.  With our truck at your location, you will be able to witness the entire process from our staff securing your documents in one of our locked bins to the complete destruction of your paper records.  It is the most secure and convenient way to dispose of private documents.

You Have Great Options To Shred Documents in Sleepy Hollow NY

One-time File Shredding for Companies

You have confidential files to destroy it’s just not that often, what do you do?  You call Time Shred’s one-time document destruction service that allows you to call for professional business shredding anytime you need it in Sleepy Hollow NY.  How often is based on your needs it could be just once if that is all you require.  So if it’s time for a file purge just give us a call.

Scheduled Ongoing Shredding

If you and your employees are putting documents into the wastebasket next to your/their desk often you need a schedule document destruction program.  We supply your Sleepy Hollow NY office with locked containers to dispose of paper files in.  This way they are stored and protected until they are destroyed.  Then on an ongoing schedule, we come to your business location to remove the documents from each container and shred them.  This protects the private information of your business and clients along with helping you be compliant with privacy laws.  Choose a weekly, biweekly, every four weeks or monthly schedule.

Residential Mobile Shredding

It’s not just at work that you need document shredding you need it at home also.  Your personal information is on many documents at home like tax returns, household bills, and medical records.  When you have decided to get rid of them they have to be destroyed in a way that does not allow anyone to see the information and that means shredding.  We can come to your residence in Sleepy Hollow NY any day you choose Monday through Saturday and eliminate your private documents right in front of you.

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