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How about getting your documents shredded at your home?

Time Shred Services brings document destruction to your front door.  Don’t bring your documents to an office supply store or a mailbox chain to let them sit in some container for weeks and your never know when they get shredded or how many people handle them.  Have them destroyed right in front of you at your home by Time Shred Services.

Call and Schedule Your Shredding Service

To schedule one of our paper shredding trucks to come visit you, just give us a call.  We have helpful staff ready to guide you through the whole process.  We understand that you may not shred documents often or this could be your first time and you have questions.  We are happy to answer your questions and explain how the shredding process works.  During the same call we will give you a quote that has no extra charges and you can put your service on the calendar. We offer next day document destruction Monday through Saturday so you choose the best day for you.

Residential Shredding That Exceeds Industry Standards

Time Shred is a AAA-Certified paper shredding company that specializes in all things document destruction. Our AAA Certification means that we exceed the strictest standards in the industry.  We know the industry inside and out and have made it our mission to meet and uphold the most stringent industry standards. We do this through following strict protocols, vetting our employees thoroughly and continually training our staff to meet our high standards..

When We Arrive at Your Home

During an appointment with you, we will come to your location and secure your documents in one of our locking bins before moving your papers from your home. The documents will then be taken to the paper shredding truck outside and an automated system will empty your files into our high-tech shredder. Best of all, you can watch the shredding process take place from monitors on the side of the truck.

If your documents are upstairs or in the basement we will be happy to carry them for you.  Let us do all the work.

Save Some Trees

When you shred your documents with us you will help to save trees.  All of the documents we shred are recycled and used to make other paper products.  One ton of shredded paper will save 17 trees.

Contact Us for Your Shredding Needs!

When you see how well we work, you’ll know why we’re Brooklyn’s best residential shredding service. Give us a call at (718)875-1200