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Westchester, NY Residential Shredding

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Make a Call, Get Your Documents Shredded at Your Home Any Date Monday through Saturday.

It sounds too simple, but having your document destroyed with Time Shred Services at your Westchester home is that simple just give us a call.    We have experienced dedicated staff that is eager to help you get your documents destroyed with answering your questions, giving you a quote you can trust with no extra charges to setting up your appointment.

What day can I have my documents shredded?

How about tomorrow?  That’s right we offer next day service Monday through Saturday so you can schedule your documents to be destroyed any day that you want.  No reason to shift around your schedule, we come the day you choose.

Convenient On-site Residential Shredding

Time Shred offers onsite document destruction services. This means you won’t have to load heavy boxes or bags of documents in to your car and drive to some office supply store or a mail box retailer to have your document destroyed.  We come to you with one of our paper shredding trucks and your papers are destroyed just outside your home for you to see.

Why Do I Need To Shred

There are plenty of reasons to shred personal or confidential documents. For individuals, shredding documents is an effective way to protect sensitive personal information from identity thieves.  Identity theft continues to grow in the United States, don’t allow yourself to become a statistic and have to deal with cleaning up your credit for years.

Another good reason to shred is it helps the environment.  Shredded files and papers are recycled and used to make other paper products which reduced the need to harvest trees.

Security Is Our Priority

Not only are we the most flexible shredding company in the industry, but we’re also the most secure. To help maintain security, we load your documents into a security bin as soon as we arrive at your location that will be closed and locked.  We then move the bin out to our truck and shred your files onsite. You can watch your documents being shredded and we’ll provide you with a “Certificate of Destruction”. Rest easy knowing that your secure information has been destroyed for good!

Contact Time Shred to Schedule Your Residential Shredding Appointment!

When you work with Time Shred Services, you’ll never have to give document destruction a second thought. Contact us at (914)233-0393 to set up your appointment today. We look forward to helping you!