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Document Shredding in Ardsley On Hudson, NY for Home & Work


Call Today, Have Your Documents Shredded Tomorrow

We are available to come to your Ardsley On Hudson NY, home or office to shred your private papers six days a week.  We offer next-day service to residential and business customers.  To make an appointment right away, just give us a call.  We offer shredding services to residents and businesses in Ardsley On Hudson, NY, Monday through Saturday. Call us to get a quote and make an appointment. We can shred documents at any location where they are stored.

Start Shredding With Just a Few Simple Steps:

  1. Give Time Shred a call today.
  2. Let us know if you would like a one-time or ongoing shredding service.
  3. Speak to one of our mobile shredding experts to get pricing and set up an appointment.
  4. Pick your preferred date from Monday through Saturday.
  5. We will arrive at your Ardsley On Hudson, NY, home or business so you can watch your files being shredded.

On-Site Paper Shredding is Better & More Convenient

We can come to your residence, business, or any location you request in Ardsley On Hudson, NY, to shred your documents with one of our high-tech shredding trucks. All of your files are destroyed on your premises before we leave. You can watch your papers being shredded on a monitor on the side of our mobile unit.

We Offer The Best Ways To Shred Documents in Ardsley On Hudson, NY

One-Time Shredding for Business Records

With our one-time service, you can destroy company files only when you want. It’s perfect for the occasional destruction of accumulated paper in your office or reducing the number of old files in storage. You can destroy documents just once or as frequently as you need in Ardsley On Hudson, NY.

Ongoing Office Shredding Programs

In today’s business environment, protecting information is crucial. For paper records, they need to be shredded to comply with privacy laws. The simplest way to do that in your Ardsley On Hudson, NY office is with our scheduled service. We place our locked containers in your business location so your staff can discard all documents in these locked collection containers. We will come to your office to remove and shred the papers on a regular schedule, which can be weekly or monthly. We can also work with you to create a custom schedule. Start a shredding program in your office as soon as tomorrow.

Residential Shredding

If you want to eliminate old documents and files at home, they need to be shredded. Simply throwing them away or recycling them is not safe and could lead to identity theft. Have our residential shredding service destroy all those old personal records so you don’t have to worry. Our document destruction service for local residents in Ardsley On Hudson, NY, is available Monday to Saturday.

Our Shredding Service is a GREEN Service

When you protect your confidential information with our document destruction service, you are also helping to protect the environment. 100% of the paper we shred is recycled and never ends up in a landfill. The shredded material is sent to paper mills to be turned into paper pulp and used to make other paper products.

Hard Drive Destruction

You should have the hard drives removed from all old, unused computers as they still store information. We will shred or crush the hard drives so the data is permanently destroyed and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Give us a call today to get started.